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April 22, 2019


April 22, 2019


April 22, 2019

No one will ever forget the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. Plus, he will always be a music icon and no one can ever match his musicality and talent. Anyway, what is your favorite hit of the king? A lot of artists recorded their own renditions of Presley’s songs. One of them is Josh Groban who sang this iconic hit “It’s Now or Never.” If you will get to listen to his version, you’ll know that he gave justice to the song.

Josh Groban, Elvis Presley, it's now or never
Photo Credits: Josh Groban/Official Facebook Home Page

No one is suited to sing that hit more than Josh Groban. It seems that he was born to sing it. Moreover, when his performance was posted online, a lot of people reacted positively. They also added that Groban was able to give his 100% in his delivery. If you want to believe that, go ahead and listen to his performance yourself.

Elvis Presley and Josh Groban

The King of Rock and Roll was a world icon and most loved artist. Even though his life was short-lived, Elvis Presley was able to leave a great legacy through his music. With this, NBC hosted a tribute to Presley. A lot of artists from the music industry were chosen to pay homage to him and most of them played his songs. One of the handpicked modern artists was Josh Groban who sang one of the king’s iconic hits.  Once you get to hear his version, it’s like traveling back through time.

Josh Groban, Elvis Presley, it's now or never
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/ Official Facebook Home Page

Paying Tribute to an Icon

Josh Groban was one of the best singers of his generation and he was one of the artists who paid tribute to Elvis Presley. Furthermore, this operatic singer chose the hit “It’s Now or Never,” one of Presley’s ballads. With his enchanting and powerful voice, Groban was able to capture the viewer’s hearts.


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