May 26

Wynonna Judd Honors Her Promise By Releasing New Song “Other Side” After Her Mother’s Death

Last Tuesday, May 24, Wynonna Judd released her first-ever song since her mother’s death called “Other Side.” The song was in collaboration with indie artist Katie Crutchfield also known as Waxahatchee, and Wynonna’s husband, Cactus Moser. They recorded the song at the couple’s studio at their farm located near Nashville.

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In her announcement of the song on Instagram, Wynonna referenced her promise during one of her speeches that she would still continue to sing in the midst of everything. “So, here I am,” she said. According to the singer, she met Crutchfield last year, and there was an instant connection between them. And she was so thankful to have had the opportunity to sing a song with ‘the next generation of greatness.’

And Crutchfield also had high praises for the country singer. In her own Instagram post, she shared that she started working with Wynonna, her hero and friend, about two years ago. And in that short span of time, Wynonna’s talent, vibrant presence, and larger-than-life personality affected her for the better. She was also reminded of one thing that she kind of put at the back of her mind, and that was to just show up because she loves to make music and not for the milestones in the distance. 

In a statement that was released to the media, Crutchfield also said that working with Wynonna and her husband Cactus on the song was ‘one of the more creatively stimulating and exciting experiences she’s had in her songwriting career.’ 

The song is definitely a treat to the ears and a reminder that ‘if we move our way against the tide, there’s something on the other side.’ Watch Wynonna Judd and Waxahatchee‘s “Other Side” in the video below. 


Waxahatchee, Wynonna Judd

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