July 11

Encountered Life Struggles on Mickey Guyton’s “What Are You Gonna Tell Her”

Most of us struggle to compete and be known for our chosen careers. Mickey Guyton’s “What Are You Gonna Tell Her” narrates what she went through to achieve success. 

It’s a song about gender bias, condemning the inequalities inflicted on young women, African-Americans, and children with huge aspirations. 

Mickey Guyton came up with the song after chatting with a girl from the Philippines. She was seeking some help regarding becoming a musician or working in the world of music. The singer reviewed her past – how she struggled to change herself to make others feel comfortable with her around and ensuring she blends in and people can notice her. She couldn’t remember many great experiences in the sector. Hence, she penned this song about altering customs so that young individuals can be whoever they wish to be. 

The song also addresses our issues in this fast-paced setting and every so often, a community of unfair privileges. It’s unimportant when we get content with what’s not meant to be enough, and it was Guyton’s firm call to leave the current situation making this a powerful song. 

What Are You Gonna Tell Her by Mickey Guyton reached the #18 spot on the US Country Digital Song Sales chart. And the singer wrote history at the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards as the first Black female country singer to sing her song at the said Award show. In February 2020, she also performed the song at the Country Radio Seminar, where she got a burst of applause. 

This is perhaps one of Mickey Guyton’s songs that will make people listen, reflect and turn over a new leaf. So better watch the video of Mickey Guyton’s “What Are You Gonna Tell Her” below.


Mickey Guyton

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