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April 15, 2019


April 15, 2019


April 15, 2019

Alan Jackson wrote a wanted letter or sign to find a woman he once loved. His song is something you’ll get caught up with once you heard it.

Alan Jackson Wanted Here in the Real World
Photo Credit: Alan Jackson/ Official Website Page

Alan Jackson’s “Wanted”

“Wanted” was a country song penned by Jackson and Charlie Craig in 1989. He first included his recording on his platinum-certified album Here in the Real World. The following year, Jackson released the song as a single. As a result, it reached number three on the Country Billboard chart. Furthermore, it also scored a spot on the Canadian country chart.

What the Song’s All About?

Jackson’s single can make a lot of people understand how the narrator feels. He lost the woman he loves, and now he couldn’t find where she was. Since he is out of ideas as to how he could find her, he asks help by making a wanted poster to find her. Instead of something bad written in the poster, it goes like this,

Wanted one good hearted woman
To forgive imperfection in the man that she loved
Wanted just one chance to tell her
How much he still loves her
He can’t be sorry enough

We can all understand what the man was going through. We’ve all been there, looking for the person we once loved to ask for forgiveness. However, it is not all the time that we are granted to find them. And, it is not all the time that we are given a chance to be forgiven. Sometimes the only thing we can do is to let go even if it would hurt us badly.

Jackson was inspired to write such a song when he saw the movie, John Wayne.

The Album, Here in the Real World

Just like his single, Jackson’s album performed well on the country chart. Here in the Real World reached number three on the country chart and number fifty-seven on Billboard 200.

Aside from entering the chart, Jackson’s album contained five songs that performed excellently on the Billboard chart. “Blue Blooded Woman” fell on number forty-five on the country chart, while his songs “Here in the Real World,” “Wanted,” “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow,” and “I’d Love You All Over Again” all scored a spot on the top ten of the chart.


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