November 9

Like Dierks Bentley, It’s Cool to Be ‘Gone’ for Some Time

With a little bit of play on words, Dierks Bentley once again produced a well-arranged song with no straightforward meaning challenging his listeners to grab the meaning themselves. But as we feature his 2020 single ‘Gone,’ he, himself, gave us some shocking revelations, and the true interpretation of his single.

Sugarcoating 2020

The song talks about Bentley as he finds himself in a sweet spot between being a country music fan and his love for Bluegrass. Bentley, together with his producer David Garcia and with the help of his songwriters Nicolle Galyon, Ben Johnson, and Niko Moon, presents another side of his music while preserving his signature style.

If you were to ask Dierks Bentley himself about 2020 and our current situation with COVID-19, it is quite depressing. No one would like to hear stuff about it in a straightforward manner, because simply, a lot of the things we love are simply gone, if not, hibernating. This includes country music, and several other industries such as businesses, etc.

Same Ole Style, New Tune

‘Gone,’ despite the story, is a song anyone can dance to. Bentley was able to achieve it through the use of his love for bluegrass and adding a hint of old-school stuff through acoustics and re-application of what he usually hears on the radio. But what he really did is to combine old-school and modern tunes. The result? A new promising approach to country music, and an entirely new territory even for Bentley himself.

2020 has indeed forced us to find new ways to do stuff, and practically, nobody is exempted. As for Dierks Bentley, he did something new by using old and new hobbies to his own advantage. The free-time he had probably produced ideas of combining old and modern styles of bluegrass and country music.

Dierks Bentley is someone who indeed has ‘Gone’ backward to move forward at this time of the year. Metaphors aside, he delivers a simple message to us; reminding everybody to be safe and that we can all still smile and groove to his music.


Dierks Bentley

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