July 20

Dierks Bentley Grows a Mullet to Crank Up His Biking Attire

Thanks to lockdown, our famous country artists got a lot of time in their hands, too. In fact, they use this downtime to tend to things they’ve planned before but just didn’t have the time to really make it happen. Today, let’s have a look at the new flow of Dierks Bentley as he shows off his new hairstyle.

Do you remember how Dierks Bentley, together with his band Hot Country Knights, rode the ‘mullet of success’? Even if you missed it, luckily for you, he’s been at it again. Apparently, in his recent Instagram post, he has been getting into cycling and often does it with Scott Benge. Taking him as an example, Dierks Bentley started growing out his mullet stating that its ‘strength and length’ that define how great of a biker you are in HA.

Reviving the 90’s Douglason

With his recently updated coiffure, it’s like having a step back in one of the greatest country music parody makers. Just make Bentley don a zipper-straining wrangler jean and toss him a rugged belt buckle and voila! We’re Douglas “Doug” Douglason of the ’90s all over again.

Although Douglas Douglason and Dierks Bentley are one and the same person, many still prefer the latter. Bentley reflects that in music, there will always be ebbs and flows. People will try to go more authentic either by becoming more country, more acoustic, or putting an additional edge to their musical style.

“There’s just something happening in Nashville the last few years that people are reminiscing about those sounds and those people, I think, just how much fun the ’90s were, or at least appeared to be.”

Bentley’s Summer Activities

With the sudden change of pace, we once again get to see our ’90s favorite parodist in the persona of Bentley. We’ll never know if, with Dierk Bentley’s mullet, Doug Douglason will be brought back on stage for the relaunch of his postponed Watershed Music and Camping Festival tour that was rescheduled for July 30-Aug 1, 2021. That, however, may still be subject to change.

What we know for certain is that Bentley has been avoiding his hairdresser the past weeks. Just like us country folks, he sure does love getting all the summertime moments for himself. He might not be carrying a microphone, but it’s honestly surprising to see one of our country artists get on with his hobbies like those bicycles and mullets.


Dierks Bentley

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