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CHECK OUT: Rare Recording of Hank Williams’ Funeral


The world lost the great Hank Williams too soon, but his music has forever lived. Just days after his tragic and untimely passing on New Year’s Day, the legendary singer received what would become one of the most powerful funeral sermons ever delivered. 

CHECK OUT: Rare Recording of Hank Williams’ Funeral 1
Hank Williams | Photo Credits: biography.com

Hank Williams was just 29 years old when he passed away from complications related to a heart valve malfunction. During that time, he was en route to a holiday concert in Ohio. The majority of his family got the news via telegram. By then, Williams’ body was returned to Montgomery, Alabama, for a ceremony and procession. Believe it or not, his passing has drawn thousands upon thousands of people to the small town and set a record. Family, friends, fellow artists, and many fans paid him a tribute.

Hank’s Funeral

On January 4, 1953, after resting at his mother’s boarding house and already seeing thousands of mourners paying their respects to the beloved star, Hank Williams’ funeral began. 

It was the largest crowd to ever form in Montgomery. There were more than 25,000 people who gathered in the town to mourn. The loss of Williams who brought so much joy and happiness to people with his music devastated many. 

Not all the mourners could be allowed inside the city auditorium for the funeral service. Hence, it was broadcast throughout the streets via a PA system. It was this very service that brought tears to many eyes. And, it saw thousands weeping in the streets. 

Although many heard this beautiful sermon on that fateful day, in the more than 60 years that have passed, it was seemingly forgotten – until now. 

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology. This half-century-old incredible piece of history has become available to many millions of people. If you wish to watch and hear this beautiful tribute in honor of this fallen star, check out the video below.



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