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February 16, 2021


February 16, 2021


February 16, 2021

Karen Fairchild is definitely one of today’s leading female vocalists. Together with Kimberly Schlapman, they started Little Big Town, one of the most popular country groups whose four-part vocal harmonies set them apart from their mainstream country peers.

Let’s get to know more about her below!

1. She’s an Indiana Native

Karen Fairchild was born on September 28, 1969, in Gary, Indiana, USA. Though there was no information about her parents, she’s thanking them for how they raised her and gave her confidence. “There were so many lean years, and my family loved and supported me no matter what,” she said.

Karen also has a sister named Kelly Fairchild. They both spend most of their childhood in Marietta, Georgia.

2. She played football in high school.

Karen once revealed her boyish side. Coming from a very athletic family, she played as “the quarterback to my powder puff team.”

The singer even once recounted the gruesome injury she got while playing football where she fell headfirst and got a hole in her face. “I had blood running all down my jersey,” she said. “I went to the emergency room like that, and they sewed up my lip.”

3. She has a natural gift for styling.

Karen is known for her bold fashion moves as much as she’s known for her daring music. Fashion has long been her personal passion, even before the group started dressing in couture. So, when Little Big Town’s longtime stylist was caught in a huge scheduling conflict, Karen’s bandmates turned to her for some help.

“Karen’s been styling us since before we could afford a stylist,” Schlapman revealed. “She has a passion for clothing, and she’s amazing at it. She knows what works together. She knows us.”

4. She loves to shop for vintage clothes and jewelry.

Karen actually calls herself a “professional shopper” and admits that shopping is kind of her vice. 

But while she makes appearances at awards shows wearing signature pieces, Karen does most of her shopping at vintage stores and flea markets. Whenever the band travels, she never fails to visit some local shopping scenes and cool boutiques in the area.

5. She got a clothing line.

Karen loves fashion so much that she decided to launch her own clothing line called Fair Child, which was drawn upon the years of her experimenting with fashion – from teaming up with her local tailor to make her own clothes as a kid to curating custom looks with her stylist.

6. She’s married to Jimi Westbrook.

On May 31, 2006, Karen secretly married her bandmate, Jimi Westbrook. 

Karen was divorced from her first husband a few years after Little Big Town was first formed in 1998. A very strange turn of events found Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook falling in love after working side by side for eight years. The two are now proud parents to their only son, Elijah Dylan Westbrook.

7. She has a genuine friendship with fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert.

Karen and Miranda Lambert are closer than we thought. The two country stars have a special bond, on and off stage – this is one thing newcomer Tenille Townes got to see up close while serving as the opening act on Lambert and Little Big Town’s The Bandwagon Tour in 2019.

“[I] firsthand got to watch the way that she and Karen are really there for each other and lifting each other up the entire time,” Townes said. “It’s a genuine sort of friendship.”

8. She released songs that sparked controversies.

When she wrote “The Daughters” for the band to release in 2018, it triggered some controversy, striking a nerve among conservative listeners. In 2014, when Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” hit the airwaves, some fans were mad, thinking it was a song about same-sex relationships.

9. She’s got an encouraging word of advice to young girls pursuing their dreams.

Karen has indeed experienced her fair share of life-changing moments while preserving to be where she is today. So, she’s reminding every young woman to use their confidence in boosting their true spirits and to keep self-worth close as these will be the key to achieve and be successful in whatever they put their heads into.

“As women, we have to always remember to listen to our instincts and go with our guts,” she said. “Being a woman is a very powerful thing; we need to embrace that rather than shy away from it or make excuses for it.”

10. She has accumulated her fair share of wealth.

Though there was no clear information as to the correct figure of Karen Fairchild’s net worth, it is estimated to be more than $10 million.


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