June 28

Ricky Skaggs Joins a 10-Year Old Kid on a Performance of “Blue Moon of Kentucky”

Performing at the Grand Ole Opry is a rite of passage for all country artists. It is their first step into country stardom and getting acquainted with the country fans. Ricky Skaggs, a country music Hall of Famer, joins a young kid trying to reach his dream of being a country star.

ricky skaggs, kid
via Ricky Skagg’s official Facebook page

Ricky Skaggs with Carson Peters

The performance started with both of them talking to each other. Ricky knows the pressure in performing at the prestigious stage of Opry so he wanted the kid to feel at ease. Ricky Skaggs is an amazing instrumentalist since he plays the banjo, mandolin, guitar, and many more. In the performance, he holds one of his instrument as he asked the kid when he started playing the fiddle, and the kid said: “for about 6 and a half years.” 

ricky skaggs, kid
via Screengrab from YouTube

The first part of the performance was like a music lesson. Ricky Skaggs wanted to educate the audience about the difference between the instruments that they use. Carson Peters answers the question like the informed musician that he is. He differentiated violin from the fiddle stating that the difference is just the pronunciation of the word ‘strings.’ The audience caught the joke and they were laughing so Ricky felt like the kid was ready to perform.

The Performance

You would expect nothing but a great performance from Skaggs. The shocking part of the performance was the kid’s traditional-sounding voice. It definitely has that twang in him and the audience were enjoying their performance. Not only is his voice beautiful, but he also showcased his amazing violin skills. On top of that, he never showed nervousness as he performed in one of the biggest stages of country music.

At the end of the performance, a lot of people were commending him for his amazing talent. They gave him the standing ovation because the kid really deserves it. Even Ricky was stunned and had to just watch him perform.

Watch the video here:



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