December 22

What Love Does to Us: Ashley Puckett’s “Medicine”

Masterpieces after masterpieces, Ashley Puckett is on a roll after she released the single “Medicine.” Along with the help of Mike Johnson, Bryan Cole, Adam Ernst, Tammy Petty, Mike Brignardello, Doug Kasper, and John Willis, the country star’s single became a huge success, with the single being the first released under MTS Records.

Meaning Behind the Song

There are many love songs to listen to out there that make you feel the comfort of your loved one, like your significant other is close to you. Ashley Puckett’s “Medicine” is a comforting and reassuring song that focuses on the healing power of the love that your lover gives. 

The music still has the country feel, with the strings playing beautifully, accompanied by Ashley’s sweet voice. The song’s chorus makes you feel giddy and full of love as you think about the comfort that your loved one gives.

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A smile, laugh, meaningful letter and a sweet gesture can lighten up your day when you feel down and alone. The feeling of having someone to lean on and be that “medicine” to brighten up your day, energize you, help keep things calm, and just be with you to push through the day is more than enough. 

Real medicine heals our bodies, mentally and physically. It is supposed to heal us and fight whatever is bothering us. Like real medicine, love heals us from being alone as we find comfort, peace, and happiness in other people. Ashley Puckett’s “Medicine” perfectly describes what love can do to us as it becomes the cure for our aching hearts.

If you are interested, you can hear Ashley’s vocals in her single “Medicine” right below.


Ashley Puckett

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