January 7

Happy Birthday, Jack Green, The Man Behind “There Goes My Everything”

This would be one of the most painful experiences that a human can feel — when the love of our life leaves us. There are two scenarios that we can discuss. Number one, a lover leaving because of death. Hence, this feeling is so devastating because you can no longer see them, talk to them or even hug them. Further, you will not be able to see their sweet smile and you can longer say how much you love them. Also, the second topic, is separation, like breakups, and divorce. I will consider this as a lighter feeling because there is still a chance for the couple to make amends. And maybe, they can give a second chance to their relationship. But, let’s go ahead and see what Jack Green has to say.

The Pride of Tennessee

He was born on January 7, 1930, in Maryville, Tennessee. In addition, this artist showed his interest in music since he was eight years old. At a young age, he started to play the guitar and drums. Not until 1962, he got discovered when he performed the hit “The Last Letter.” Upon his breakthrough, he was able to release hit after hit songs. Well, guys, I’m referring to our birthday celebrator no other than Jack Green. Who had these signature hits, namely, “All The Time,” “You Are My Treasure,” and “Until My Dreams Come True.”

Happy Birthday, Jack Green, The Man Behind “There Goes My Everything” 1
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Hardest Easy Thing

It is one of the things that a couple is avoiding. Hence, they will do anything to avoid this from happening any guess?, well its separation. Just like the hit from Jack Green, “There Goes My Everything,” the hit portrays a couple that is separating. Moreover, the narrator describes that he is letting go of his life which is his lover. Regardless of the hit’s melancholic theme is, it was still iconic. And, we can consider this as a legacy that Green had left us. Again, Happy Birthday!



Jack Greene

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