June 4

Updates About Kenny Rogers’ Health

UPDATE: Kenny Rogers has died at 81

There seem to be wild speculations about the country music legend and trailblazer Kenny Rogers, as rumors about his health buzz on The Daily. Feeling tired of it all, Rogers and his team releases an official statement.

Kenny Rogers, Kenny, Rogers, Health Issues, Dehydration
via Kenny Rogers’ Official Facebook Page

Kenny Rogers’ Statement

On the 31st of May, Rogers, 80, released his statement via his official Instagram account to update his fans about his health and to set the record straight once and for all.

It turns out that despite the rumors of his ill-health flying around, he was hospitalized only for dehydration. The statement also added that he appreciates the love and support coming from his fans. It also detailed that Rogers will receive physical therapy to get his strength back before he gets to be discharged.

Kenny Rogers, Kenny, Rogers, Health Issues, Dehydration
via Kenny Rogers’ Official Facebook Page

The country crooner retired from touring and shied away from the spotlight after 6 decades worth of a prosperous career. He had dabbled with multiple genres in his lifetime, and has produced several hits such as “Lucille,” “Islands in the Stream,” and “The Gambler.”

Ever since his forced retirement when he pulled out of his farewell tour in 2018, there have been strong speculations about the music legend’s failing health. In an official statement that was released at that time, it alluded that he was ‘working through a series of health challenges’ and ‘was advised to cancel’ in order to focus more on recovery.

Kenny Rogers, Kenny, Rogers, Health Issues, Dehydration
via Daniel Knighton/Fox News

But the singer did not close his chapter on performing, as he added that he ‘didn’t want to take forever to retire,’ because he ‘enjoyed the opportunity to say farewell’ to his loyal fans.

Read the full statement:


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