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Alan Jackson’s “I’ll Fly Away” Elevates Wisdom, Spirit, and Peace

Alan Jackson's "I'll Fly Away"

Inspired by the 1924 “The Prisoner’s Song,” Alan Jackson’s “I’ll Fly Away” rendition is a catchy yet meaningful gospel song of the modern era. The hymn composed in the early 1920s aims to elevate the wisdom, spirit, and peace among listeners. And it did just like that.

Making The Iconic Gospel Song

We can consider all Alan Jackson’s gospel songs are all popular and iconic. It’s the same with the “I’ll Fly Away” hymn being included in his 2006 gospel album “Precious Memories.” Written by Albert E. Brumley in 1929, the hymn is considered to be the most recorded gospel song of all time. It is also frequently heard during worship services in Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, Nazarenes, and the Churches of Christ. Actually, the song is not intentionally written as a gospel hymn. Brumley revealed that he dreamt of flying away from the cotton field where his family worked when the song struck him.

The song was inspired by a million record-selling albums. It only has the same theme, but he made it more Christian-influenced, which changes everything. “I’ll Fly Away” also means joining God in the afterlife after departing from a life full of suffering.

Death shouldn’t be feared. To come to terms with it means accepting we’re all going to die someday. This hymn helps listeners be prepared for the unknown through its verses. To uplift yourself through an influx of spirit above this knowledge, whether you call it “Nature,” “God,” or “The Universe.”

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Over 5,000 licensed recordings exist today, according to an organization called “I’ll Fly Away Foundation.”

Solemn Sunday Hymn

Being part of Alan Jackson’s songs guarantees popularity or spot on the charts. When Jackson created his gospel album, he and his wife Denise Jackson personally hand-picked the songs, so it’s not a surprise that almost all of them are sung by people from different walks of life.

Alan Jackson‘s “I’ll Fly Away” song is perfect for a solemn Sunday worship service. If you want to hear about its catchy melody and awe-inspiring lyrics, click on the link below.