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Here’s How The Beautiful Hymn “Midnight Cry” Came To Life Out Of A Visiting Priest’s Sermon


When Alabama touring group Gold City released “Midnight Cry” in 1999 – with Southern Gospel singer Ivan Parker singing the solo part – it instantly began to sweep the Christian music world. Since then, it has been recorded hundreds of times and sung around the world in various languages.

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But what most people don’t know is how the song came to life. It’s actually a story that will truly move your heart.

The Heartwarming Story Behind The Song

“Midnight Cry” was written by brothers Chuck and Greg Day, who were born into the ministry. Their mother was a preacher, and everywhere their family was stationed, she would preach as she had been preaching since she was 16. 

However, they both found themselves on a downward path. Chuck and Greg got hooked on drugs and alcohol in their early 20s. Things changed when they visited their parents’ home in Adel, Georgia, in 1986.

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Together with their family, Chuck and Greg attended church on Sunday morning. Greg remembered the visiting reverend announced that his sermon would be called “The Midnight Cry.” Chuck immediately pulled out a business card from his wallet and wrote the phrase – he knew there was something there.

The two went on listening keenly to the sermon, which stuck to them throughout the day. So, when they went home to their parents’ house, they walked into their living room, knowing that they could absolutely write a song about the sermon.

Greg then started playing a few chords on the piano – and all of a sudden, the brothers were already trading verses. Chuck and Greg finished “Midnight Cry” in just half an hour.

That very night, the brothers sang the beautiful hymn at the church service for the first time – and the rest was history.

You can listen to “Midnight Cry” in the video below.

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