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“Midnight Cry”: A Sermon-Based Song That Changed Lives

"Midnight Cry": A Sermon-Based Song That Changed Lives 1

One of the songwriters, Greg Day singing “Midnight Cry”

It’s true. God’s works are oftentimes seen through some people’s deeds. There are various examples of this subject that we can talk about. However, in this particular story, we’ll be featuring the Day brothers from The Day Family, Greg, and Chuck. Both were gifted songwriters and singers. At a young age, the two began traveling as evangelists and singers along with their family.

“Midnight Cry” is one of the most prominent gospel songs that Greg and Chuck have written. The Lord gave the brothers their first written song in 1986. From then on, the song has been recorded multiple times by various singers and was performed in different languages all over the world.

Song History

In an interview with one of the songwriters, Greg Day, in 2002, he shared the story behind the writing of the song. When he was 7 years of age, a visiting preacher in their local church called him out and asked to come to the church’s front.

“Son, this may not mean anything to you now, but one day when you are older, God will give you songs that will change lives,” he said.

Apparently, Greg didn’t pay much attention to this and forgot about it soon after. Fast forward, in 1986, Greg and Chuck attended a church service while visiting at their parents’ home. The guest speaker, Rev. Billy Swain, then announced his sermon series to be about “The Midnight Cry.” Feeling something was significant about it, Chuck wrote it down at the back of a business card. In the afternoon, they had a discussion regarding the sermon and ended up writing a song. While Greg played the piano, the two began writing the song line after line. In about 30 minutes, the song was completed.

They first performed the song at the church service and the audience were much moved with it. After several months, a touring group called Gold City, together with Ivan Parker recorded the song. And, it took the Christian music world by storm. After the song’s considerable success, Greg recalled and finally understood what the pastor told him when he was 7 years old.

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Chuck Day, Greg Day, Ivan Parker

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