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Being a child of a legendary country singer is big. You have to live up to your father or mother’s standard as a star. Ronny Robbins is just exactly like his father. He is the son of the famous country singer Marty Robbins. Aside from being the son of Marty Robbins, Ronny is also known for his works, Guns of a Stranger, Country Music, and Marty Robbins: Seems Like Yesterday.

Ronny Robbins’ Performance of “Big Iron”

Ronny Robbins performed another song from his father, “Big Iron” on the Country’s Family Reunion episode.  Country’s Family Reunion is an episode in Country Road TV that features second and third generations of country singers performing their parent’s famous songs. Country Road TV brings back the traditional country music we all once know and enjoy.

About the Song “Big Iron”

“Big Iron” is one of Marty Robbins biggest songs recorded in his career. The song was part of his album Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs which was released in 1960. This western ballad tells a story of a ranger who arrived in a town called Agua Fria. He was there to take down an outlaw named Texas Red, who was known in the town of Agua Fria to be a vicious man. He killed a lot of men and no one has matched him. However, the strange ranger who arrived in town took him down and thus it became the end of the outlaw named Texas Red.

Chart Performance

Marty Robbins’ song “Big Iron” entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at No. 5. Moreover, it crossed over the pop chart at No. 26. Aside from entering the Billboard chart “Big Iron” also entered the Australian chart ARIA.

Other Hit Songs of Marty Robbins

Other songs of Marty Robbins that became a hit for him were “I’ll Go On Alone,” “Singing the Blues,” “A White Sports Coat,” “Story of my Life,” and “El Paso.”

Here is Ronny Robbins singing his father’s song “Big Iron” in its original version.

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