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Unpack Carrie Underwood’s “My Gift” this December on HBO Max


With Christmas just a month away and people all over the world starting to get giddy, our favorite country artists wouldn’t be the last to hop in the seasonal vibe. Since traditional stages are temporarily unavailable, virtual stages are ramping up through the use of broadcasting platforms. Without further ado, for those die-hard Carrie Underwood fanatics wherever and whenever you are, she will be knocking on your doorsteps on December 3 for a special gift.

Christmas Comes to Life

The seven-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood finally announced that she will, for the first time ever, hold a full-length Christmas album bound to premiere this December which she calls ‘My Gift.’ Her album’s highlights are performances of classic traditional music and with a touch of some mint-condition holiday classics.

Bound to air on HBO Max, Underwood will be performing her lengthy piece together with her backing band, but with a set of live orchestra and choir handled by Rickey Minor. Minor is Carrie Underwood’s long-time friend, and a renowned musical director who is recognized for his Emmy Awards.

With two award-winning artists performing back-to-back on a single stage, several organizations for music is sure to set their eyes on this performance.

Underwood’s “My Gift” for the Next Generation

As for Underwood, she expressed how thrilled she was by simply being able to collaborate with Playtone and HBO Max as they are key figures in bringing her project to life. With her “My Gift,” she hopes that it would be able to bring much-needed joy to the world and that her new singles become part of the annual festivities people enjoy in the warmth of their homes. As an artist, it would be a wish come true for Underwood if the soundtracks she will publish this year will be able to push through this season and beyond times.

Gary Goetzman, the producer of ‘My Gift” described the project as a special homage to classic and timeless holiday specials. This year’s show, however, will shine through the incomparable voice of Carrie Underwood which is, itself, a gift to the viewers. Goetzman said that Carrie is an all-around artist who is not only built for one genre which is the main reason why people around the world adores her music.

“My Gift” is purchasable in through several streaming platforms available on all types of devices, you wouldn’t want to miss this out.