August 5

“Search My Heart”, the Unending Questions

What is God like aside from being powerful?  What is His character in any given situation? If God could search my heart, what does it take to please Him? What are His attributes? How may we glorify Him? How can we become like Him? How can we show Him love?

“Search My Heart,” Seeking God our Saviour

All the questions aforementioned lead to one ultimate goal, seeking God. Along our journey as Christians, we look into the true meaning of who God is. We know that he is powerful. He is merciful. Consequently, when we come up with answers, the more we have questions, right? That’s normal however, the most essential question we can come up with our search should be “What do I become when I already know God?” The answer is, we should become the epitome of love.

search my heart
Photo Credit: Pixabay

An epitome of love encompasses understanding, compassion, and trust. Understanding people who have done us wrongly is hard to do but it is not impossible! Compassion for the people who need genuine help from us- people who are lost, confused, and misguided. Trust that Lord walks with us in the journey of our faith to get to know Him more. We may not have all the answers but eventually, it’s all going to make sense in God’s perfect time.

search my heart
Photo Credit: Pixabay

God’s love will forever be seen in different personas who touch our lives. Be it a stranger who helps you cross a street, a family member who donates an organ to save a life, a pastor who guides you with your faith, or anyone who made a difference in our lives. Always remember, there is solace in seeking God despite the unending questions.

Watch the comforting song that searches for our Lord.

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