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10 Best Country Two-Step Songs

The country two-step comes in many names. You can call it Texas two-step, Country Western two-step, or just the usual two-step. Nothing is More American than country two-step songs since they’ve been part of culture since from who knows when. 

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the deep-south or you just want to find songs to dance to. Here are the best country two-step songs you can enjoy: 

1. Happy People by Little Big Town

“Happy People” is from Little Big Town’s album called The Breaker. It was released in 2017 and featured positive messages that encourage self-love and kindness. It comes with driving percussion rhythm and envelopes folk and pop genre touches. This optimistic song has a counterpoint message of the band’s previous single, “Better Man.”

2. Little Bitty by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson’s 1996 hit “Little Bitty” is an up-tempo number that sings about how life’s priceless blissful moments. It talks about how people can find joy in the small and simple things in life. Listeners loved this two-step country song for Jackson’s effortless and smooth performance.

3. Most People Are Good by Luke Bryan

Released in 2017, “Most People Are Good” is a song that sings uplifting statements about finding positivity in the world. Luke Bryan said that the moment he heard this song, he was captivated by its message of reassurance in finding good in everything. It smashed the US Billboard Country Airplay by reaching No.1 in 2018.

4. Good Run of Bad Luck by Clint Black

From the album No Time To Kill, this 1993 country hit is an up-tempo song that talks about falling in love. What people love about it is its witty use of gambling metaphors in discussing relationships. Its music video was directed by Clint Black himself, which premiered in 1994. In the same year, “Good Run of Bad Luck” reached No.54 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks.

5. Shotgun Rider by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw’s 2007 classic “Shotgun Rider” came out with his Let It Go album. It received a favorable review from critics because of its amazing mix of old-school McGraw, guitar riffs, and steel guitar work. It’s a mid-tempo song that boasts a confident melody that could work best in a road-trip mixtape.

6. American Kids by Kenny Chesney

“American Kids” is a 2014 country song that Kenny Chesney put out with the album The Big Revival. It received a Grammy Award for the best country song and now continues to remain a staple in this roster of the best two-step songs.

7. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

“Wagon Wheel” was released in 2013 and it came with the album True Believers. It’s one of the truest country songs for its lyrics and melody as it describes hitchhiking adventure south. It underscores the narrator’s wish to see his lover. This is a nostalgic song by Darius Rucker as it brings you through the narrator’s journey.

8. Make It Sweet by Old Dominion

“Make It Sweet” is a recent hit released by Old Dominion with its self-titled album. With its memorable riffs and rhythms, it offers an optimistic view of life. Soon after the release of this single, the band went to Instagram to share how they came up with the song. 

They said that the words just feel out and the next thing everybody knew was a recorded song that’s both raw and 100% embraces the real Old Dominion.

9. Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans

Sara Evans comes in strong with her 2003 hit “Suds in the Bucket.” It came with her album called Restless. With its up-tempo beat, it tells a tale of a girl who goes to Las Vegas with her lover, leaving their clothes hanging out on the line. It’s a notable two-step song with its fiddle and steel guitar ensemble. The catchy chorus further cements this piece into a go-to feel-good country single.

10. Some Days You Gotta Dance by Dixie Chicks (or Keith Urban)

“Some Days You Gotta Dance” came out in 2001 as the final single of Dixie Chix’s album Fly. It was written by Marshall Morgan and Troy Johnson. The American music group carried the song at the No.7 of the Billboard Country Singles and Tracks in 2002. 

However, other country fans can also enjoy its older version by Keith Urban’s band called The Ranch. It was first released in 1997. In the later rendition, Urban plays the guitar.

Other Country Two-Step Songs To Dance To

  • Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney
  • Tornado by Little Big Town
  • A Good Run Of Bad Luck by Clint Black
  • All About Tonight by Blake Shelton
  • Dancin’ Cowboys by Bellamy Brothers
  • Toes by Zac Brown Band
  • Red by Taylor Swift
  • Hard Workin’ Man by Brooks & Dunn
  • Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins
  • I Just Want to Dance with You by George Strait

You can find hundreds of country two-step songs today, but these are sure-fire ways to get grooving. 

Did you discover new country gems from our list? Are there songs you wish we could have included? We’d love to hear from you in the comment sections!


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