October 31

Kenny Chesney’s Great New Line Dance Tune, “American Kids”


American country music superstar Kenny Chesney is well-known for his island-inspired songs. Many of the singer’s fans know these songs do not only talk about the beaches or living closer to nature. They would certainly agree on how meaningful and inspiring these songs are. Hence, they deserve to be given more attention. But Chesney proves that he’s not only capable of making songs about beach-life. He’s also into creating tunes that can make his fans dance to.

Chesney’s big hits such as “She Thinks My Tractor is Sexy” and “When the Sun Goes Down” are just two of his tunes that fans can’t help but kick their heels up to. In 2014, the “Don’t Blink” singer offered another single that earned the line dance treatment. Entitled “American Kids,” the lively, feel-good single quickly charmed the listeners and claimed the top spot of the Country Airplay chart.

“American Kids” and Its Amazing Dance Routine

The song is really fun to listen to. Because of this, the France-based line dance team Country-Rock Dancers were inspired to make a dance routine to it. The team proves the world-wide influence of country music given their location. Their group is comprised of country girls and boys of all ages. Their routine to “American Kids” is quite simple; hence, anyone can easily learn the steps.

The routine requires a lot of energy given the plenty of kicks, spins, and toe-taps involved. Yet, there’s nothing too wild with the moves. The only hard part of it would be the pacing. But once you practice the moves several times, you’ll find that it’s not that difficult after all.

Also, if you really want to perfect the steps, there’s a more personalized instruction toward the end of the video. The choreographer is generous enough to provide you a break down of all the steps. But, before grabbing your dancing boots and start learning the routine, you might want to watch first the entire for inspiration.

Here’s Country-Rock Dancers and their fabulous routine to Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids.”


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