March 11

Miranda Lambert’s ‘The Marfa Tapes’: A Collaboration of Intimate Songs

Jack Ingram, Jon Randall, and Miranda Lambert’s ‘The Marfa Tapes’ album is full of beautiful raw songs. It will be out on May 7 under Vanner Records/RCA Nashville.

Fans can’t wait to hear what the trio has created for them. With a 15-track album, it’s a true original that promises euphoria among listeners. Moreover, it has a fascinating backstory to boot.

Made in Marfa

The title of the latest album of Ingram, Randall, and Lambert is self-explanatory. Looking at a Texas map, Marfa is small as a dot. But it’s the perfect place to get your imagination run wild amidst a vast nothingness. Finding yourself and getting lost is what the trio loved about the desolate location. Over the past years, these musicians made it a haven for songwriting. They attributed their massive hits and deep souls to this place. It’s no wonder why they called it ‘The Marfa Tapes.’

They often met up to write and talk, but in November 2020, they went there to record on purpose. Five days is all it took to capture the right words for this inspiring new album. What makes the album more striking is the beautiful west Texas vibe and strong bond between them. 

‘The Marfa Tapes’ is a picturesque and intimate snapshot that’s full of trust, friendship, and love. They did it with a raw recording and acoustic guitar.

Miranda Lambert even shared how pulling at 4 am on their first night of recording was a breathtaking scene on its own. She mentioned how the stars were like an endless blanket. It felt like you could extend your hands and reach for them.

Pouring a cocktail, sitting around the campfire, and talking under the night sky had led to a song. Randall continued explaining how special Marfa is with no TV, no radio, and no pressure to write. It’s simple, and they write because they’re motivated. Thus, a new project was born.

Impressive Track List

Lambert did most of the vocals, but the trio is all equal contributors to the album. “Tin Man” and “Tequila Does” are the first two songs that have achieved a record. “In His Arms” was also revealed as a laidback and simple country serenade. It tells about a woman longing for a love that’s far away. Ingram and Randall back her up by harmonizing the instruments in the background.

The tracklist also includes 13 other songs that are raw where you can hear the outdoors.

Fans anticipate Jack Ingram, Jon Randall, and Miranda Lambert’s ‘The Marfa Tapes.’ The promise of beautiful original songs is something we should keep our ears peeled for.


Jack Ingram, Jon Randall, Miranda Lambert

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