February 9

The Paradise Found Above The Skies: Willie Nelson’s “Uncloudy Day”

Written by a preacher named J.K Alwood, the song would ultimately become a classic in the gospel song genre. “Uncloudy Day” would eventually attract a lot of singers to create their version of the church hymn. 

The song’s origins came from an odd incident involving J.K Alwood seeing a rainbow and a dark nimbus cloud together. The song’s peculiar origins were not the only thing of interest as it generated a lot of attention from various artists, including the American singer and songwriter Willie Nelson.

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Willie Nelson was a man with many talents, so it was his 1977 cover of the song “Uncloudy Day” would reel in listeners with his added unique twist to the original song. Willie Nelson’s songs are well known, and this song was no different as it became a classic. This version of Willie Nelson was one of the most notable covers since he added his lively guitar instrumental, matched with his vocals that rightly set the song’s tone. 

He makes his rendition of “Uncloudy Day” stand out as he gives the song a new identity in the classic country genre, straying away from the expected gospel tune.

His version of the song would end up in the 1980 movie “Honeysuckle Rose,” as Willie Nelson and Dyan Cannon would have a duet performing it in the film. Willie’s version would inspire many to listen, and the cover of the song would reach a total of a million views on Youtube, with comments filled with adoration and respect for his one-of-a-kind vocals. Willie Nelson’s version of “Uncloudy Day” is a cover you should be listening to.

Listen to Willie’s memorable song cover of “Uncloudy Day” down below.


Willie Nelson

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