February 14

Scotty McCreery’s Wife Is His Rock and Grounding Force

Can you believe that Scotty McCreery’s wife has been beside the country superstar since they were kids? Scotty and Gabi Dugal have actually known each other since their kindergarten days. In fact, Gabi admitted that she would write “Mrs. Gabi McCreery” on the cover of her diary growing up.

However, their relationship only turned romantic when they were seniors at Garner High School in Garner, North Carolina – during the time Scotty McCreery won the 10th Season of American Idol.

The two then graduated high school in 2012 and went into separate ways. While Scotty attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina as a Communications major at the same time fulfilling his role as an American Idol winner, Gabi Dugal went to the University of North Carolina.

But despite going after their own careers separately, their relationship remained strong.

Scotty described Gabi as his rock and grounding force. After going through thick and thin together, Scotty said nobody understands him the way Gabi does. So, in September 2017, the singer finally sealed the deal.

While hiking near Grandfather Mountain, Scotty got down on one knee and asked Gabi to marry him.

“I’ve been planning this moment for so long that it feels surreal for it to have finally happened,” Scotty said at the time. “Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I cannot wait to begin building our life together as husband and wife.”

The happy couple tied the knot in 2018 at North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, a place where they would often go just to “get away from everything,” McCreery revealed. They said their personalized vows and exchanged “I do’s” at the Twickenham House & Hall in front of more than 200 family members and friends.

“We’ve been dating six years and have known each other our whole lives. That kind of story doesn’t happen too often nowadays,” Scotty said before the wedding. “I support her dreams, and she supports mine.” Scotty McCreery’s spouse worked at Duke University Hospital as a pediatric cardiac nurse but left her position in March 2020.

The two have since settled into married life.


Gabi Dugal, Scotty McCreery

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