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The Best Scotty McCreery Songs Within His Decade-Long Career

Can you believe it’s been ten years since Scotty McCreery broke out as a baritone singing boy-next-door in American Idol? His country boy charm and deep voice went straight into our hearts, winning so many fans over that votes came flying in for him. Since then, Scotty McCreery songs have made a mark on country music.

He has become one of the more consistently successful artists to emerge from the show and absolutely still has a whole life ahead of him. So today, we’re going to take a look at some of his greatest hits so far.

1. “This Is It”

From: Seasons Change (2018)

McCreery wrote “This Is It” with Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis two weeks before proposing to his high school sweetheart and longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal. The couple was married on June 16, 2018 in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, where he performed the love song at their wedding reception.

2. “Five More Minutes”

From: Seasons Change (2018)

“Five More Minutes” is an ode to McCreery’s grandfather, who passed away in 2015, just two days after he celebrated his 86th birthday. The heart-wrenching ballad finds McCreery begging God for “five more minutes” with his beloved gramps. It is accompanied by an emotional video featuring home videos of the singer and the older McCreery all through the years.

3. “You Time”

From: Same Truck (2021)

“You Time” is the first single from McCreery’s recently released album. Like so many of his songs, this endearing love ballad is inspired by his wife Gabi and his desire to spend more quality time with her right through their busy careers. 

It currently sits on the top of both the Billboard and Mediabase/Country Aircheck radio charts.

4. “See You Tonight”

From: See You Tonight (2013)

McCreery heated up country radio with “See You Tonight,” which debuted at No. 14 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in 2013. This catchy love song finds McCreery visiting his girlfriend because he must see her tonight since phone calls and photos are no longer enough.

5. “In Between”

From: Seasons Change (2018)

McCreery co-wrote this coming-of-age ballad in response to his discomfort with the false impression of him being a “holier than thou guy.” He described in the track some of the things that make him the regular guy that he is – being a normal young man who enjoys a bit of everything.

“In Between” also made Billboard Country Airplay chart history for making a massive leap from No. 8 all the way to the top spot.

6. “I Love You This Big”

From: Clear As Day (2011)

The sweeping ballad was McCreery’s coronation song after winning American Idol. “I Love You This Big” was then released as the first single off his debut album, Clear as Day. The song went on peaking at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart while reaching No. 11 on Billboard Hot 100.

7. “Feelin’ It”

From: See You Tonight (2013)

Themed after summertime recreations, “Feelin’ It” pushed the young McCreery to the edge of his comfort zone. And it was worth it as the song brought a lot of fun. It comes with a music video filmed on Bodie Island, off the coast of North Carolina – and nothing could be more perfect.

8. “The Trouble with Girls”

From: Clear As Day (2011)

Just three months after he was crowned the winner of American Idol, McCreery’s second single finds the young singer crooning about the topmost concern for most teenage boys: girls. And when he recorded the song, he got approval from one special girl – his sister!

9. “Water Tower Town”

From: Clear As Day (2011)

McCreery reflects on his life in Garner, North Carolina, in “Water Tower Town,” which he described as his hometown song. The singer explained that the country ballad has plenty of elements that remind him of Garner. “All of the lyrics relate to my hometown,” he said. 

10. “Why You Gotta Be Like That”

From: Same Truck (2021)

McCreery got his heart stolen all over again in this flirtatious ballad, which captures a moment of unexpected and effortless romance. The feel-good anthem that features an upbeat sway and breezy country sound finds McCreery getting caught off guard by his girl’s simple beauty.

11. “Still”

From: Seasons Change (2018)

McCreery proves that he will always be the romantic guy we adore in “Still,” as he never holds back in telling the woman he loves just how she makes him feel.

12. “Carolina To Me”

From: Same Truck (2021)

The American Idol champ pays tribute to his very own hometown of North Carolina, and he did it in pure country style. Backed with ringing guitars, McCreery reflects on his deep love for his home state – from its lush forest, gorgeous beaches, and the whole thing in between.

13. “Wherever You Are”

From: Seasons Change (2018)

With then-fiancée now-wife as inspiration, “Wherever You Are” is McCreery’s promise to the love of his life that he’s willing to go the distance just to see her, no matter where she is in the world.

14. “Walk In the Country”

From: Clear As Day (2011)

Originally released in 1997 by the country music group The Ranch, fronted by Keith Urban, McCreery recorded the country ballad as suggested by Urban himself. And indeed, he gave it some justice.

15. “You Make That Look Good”

From: Clear As Day (2011)

Written by Rhett Akins and Lee Thomas Miller, the country ballad finds McCreery singing about a girl making a country boy look good.

Other Scotty McCreery Songs You Should Know

Indeed, McCreery forged an impressive career throughout the decade. Here are some more hits from our favorite country crooner. 

  • “Barefootin”
  • “Carolina Moon”
  • “Southern Belle”
  • “Out of Summertime”
  • “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend”
  • “Forget to Forget You”
  • “Feel Good Summer Song”
  • “Dirty Dishes”
  • “Write My Number On Your Hand”
  • “Something More”

So, which among these Scotty McCreery songs are your favorite?


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