July 19

Scotty McCreery Talks About Grief in His Song “Five More Minutes”

Scotty McCreery is one of the few young artists who is well-loved and accepted by the traditional country fans. They gravitate towards him because the singer reminds us of the classic country artists such as Hank Williams, George Jones, and Johnny Cash. 

With his deep baritone voice, McCreery shows that he represents the traditional type of country music. The messages behind his song are also well thought out such as this one.

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“Five More Minutes” with Scotty McCreery

The song was written by Scotty McCreery himself together with Frank Rogers. In an interview, Rogers shared that the song was inspired by the passing of his grandfather and the wish that he had. He wanted to have five more minutes with him before he is taken by the Lord. The song, after staying for several weeks on the charts, became number 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay.

A lot of critics also said that the poignant message of the song was a refreshing take on country music. In today’s country music, we mostly hear about singers singing about trucks or beers, so “Five More Minutes” is a breath of fresh air for country fans.

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Photo Credits: Scotty McCreery/ Official Facebook Home Page

Remembering the Ones We Lost

Grief is very common with people who just lost their loved ones. They say that you have to overcome a few stages before you can accept the reality of the situation. One of those stages is denial. This is usually the initial reaction of people when they don’t want to accept what happened. And then, there is bargaining wherein we try to ask the Lord to take something else instead. Being angry or depressed may also occur until you reach the point where we just have to accept the truth.

It takes so much time and effort to accept someone’s fate but we will get there. As long as we surround ourselves with people who love us and support us, everything will be fine. Just trust in the Lord’s guidance.

Listen to his mournful song here:

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