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“Doxology:” A Short Hymn of Praise & Josh Turner’s Rendition

Many Christians are familiar with a “Doxology.” It’s a short hymn of expressing praises to God which is delivered in various forms of Christian worship. This tradition shows similarity with a Jewish practice performed at their synagogues. Usually, a “Doxology” is sung at the end of canticles, psalms, and hymns. The various forms of this short hymn of praise include the “Trinitarian Doxology” which honors the Holy Trinity, the “Greater Doxology” also known as Gloria in Excelsis Deo, “Gloria Patri,” “Praise God, from whom all blessings flow,” “Eucharistic Doxology,” and the “Lord’s Prayer Doxology,” among others. Country music superstar Josh Turner recorded a version of this brief worship hymn. He also included it on his I Serve A Savior gospel album.

"Doxology:" A Short Hymn of Praise & Josh Turner's Rendition 1
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Josh Turner’s “Doxology” Cover  

The shortest track included on Josh Turner’s gospel album is his version of a “Doxology.” The record only lasted for more than 40 seconds. But, his earnest delivery of the hymn makes for a considerable amount of worship songs performed for the Almighty Father. Turner’s version followed the “Praise God, from all blessings flow” form of “Doxology.” The recording of Tuner is pure a cappella singing without any instrumental accompaniment. It clearly highlighted the singer’s deep, baritone voice. Turner performs the hymn live at Gaither studios, also in a cappella. Just like most if not all of his singing, Turner is full of emotions like every lyric that he utters is coming from the heart.

Watch his short but profound rendition of the hymn below.

The Album

“Doxology” is one of the twelve tracks on Turner’s chart-topper album, I Serve A Savior. Released in October 2018, the record mainly features covers of classic gospel tunes such as “I Saw the Light,” and “How Great Thou Art.” It also has new songs. He has either written or co-written some of these songs. Moreover, it includes a track called “The River of Happiness” which his wife and eldest son wrote. His entire family had a live performance of the song also at Gaither Studios. Given the commercial success of the album and the participation of his loved ones in it, the “Lay Low” singer considers it as one of the greatest projects of his career.


Josh Turner

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