March 22

Fall In Love With Collin Raye’s ‘One Boy, One Girl’


Collin Raye’s ‘One Boy, One Girl’ is a story that unfolds the magic of real love. It starts with the story of love at first sight. A boy had given in to meet a girl and waited impatiently at a crowded restaurant just to meet her. And when they met, all of those feelings turned into smiles, and for a moment it felt like there were the only ones in the room. It was like a film-like depiction of a love story that gave all the tingles and left many wondering if they would ever be in an enchanting moment like that. 

Then came the next chapter of their lives as man and woman telling their promises to each other in front of family and friends, and it was like time stood still, a recollection of the moment that they first met. Lastly, it told the story of a mother and a father who welcomed the birth of their twins – a boy and a girl – into their lives. And they knew that it was one moment that they’ve waited for their whole lives. 

The song was penned by American songwriters Mark Alan Springer with Shaye Smith and performed by hit American country singer Collin Raye. The song was the first single from Raye’s 1995 album I Think About You. It may not have made an impact like his other songs, ‘One Boy, One Girl’ peaked at number 2 in the US and number 4 in Canada when it was released in July 1995. It also managed to enter the Billboard Hot 100 at number 87. 

Collin Raye’s ‘One Boy, One Girl’ was a beautiful story of love, the transition of one boy and one girl into a mother and a father encapsulated in 4 minutes and 3 seconds. And this is one of Collin Raye’s songs that you should definitely listen to. Watch the campfire-themed music video below. 


Collin Raye

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