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The Story Behind Scotty McCreery’s Single “This is it”

scotty mccreery this is it

We all know that Scotty McCreery is set to tie the knot with his fiancée Gabi Dugal. It was said that invitations were already sent out. Furthermore, we know the beautiful story of the couple from how they’ve met and how they’ve managed to maintain their relationship despite both being busy with work.

Scotty McCreery Before Seasons Change

Scotty released his album Seasons Change last March. All of the songs were written by Scotty. If you must know, it took Scotty almost 5 years before he released a new album. His last song that didn’t performed well on the radios and charts was “Southern Belle.” But it’s okay that he didn’t release a new single or album immediately, because now he is able to record one of the best albums of all-time.

The Story Behind “This is it”

Today, we’ll focus on one of his songs in his album “This is it.” This is a beautifully written song about his proposal to his longtime girlfriend Gabi Dugal in 2017. When you listen to it, you can imagine Scotty getting down on one knee and proposing to Gabi. Most of the details on his song were about how he proposed to Gabi. They went on a climb to their favorite hiking trail, Grandfather mountain, and at the top of the mountain where they were surrounded by the beauty of nature Scotty finally proposed to Gabi.

They have been dating since senior year in high school. Now is really the right time for them to finally make it forever. Congratulations to the couple and we can’t wait to see the two on their wedding day.

Listen to the song and you will definitely fall in love with the both the song and the beautiful couple.

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Scotty McCreery, this is it

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