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Meet Clint Eastwood’s Youngest Daughter Morgan Eastwood

Morgan Eastwood is the youngest among the bunch!

Clint Eastwood absolutely had a hard to describe the impact on the film industry. He has made quite the name for himself as an acclaimed actor and director behind countless iconic films. Ever since securing his first role in a feature film in the 1950s, Eastwood remained relevant in the industry – despite the many public romances and breakups he went through the decades.

But in 1996, Clint Eastwood went against casual dating and married his second wife, Dina Eastwood. They welcomed Morgan later that year on December 12.

There isn’t much information about Morgan, but like some of Clint Eastwood’s children, she also started her career at a young age. She has appeared in her father’s films from time to time, including Million Dollar Baby in 2004 and Changeling in 2008. Her most recent acting credit is in the 2019 crime horror film I See You.

Let’s get to know more about Morgan.

She Was Named After Her Maternal Grandmother

She got her name from her maternal grandmother’s maiden name.

She Got An Acting Degree

Growing up with a famous actor as a father, it’s no longer a surprise when Morgan pursued acting. In May 2018, she graduated from college with an acting degree from Loyola Marymount University.

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She Enjoys Travelling 

Just one look on Morgan’s social media page, and you can quickly tell how she loves to be in different places. Her profile is loaded with photos of her adventures.

She Even Miss Living On The Road

She missed it so much she thought she should just be a “van lifer.”

She’s A Fan of The Movie Home Alone

She’s a big fan of the 1990 blockbuster comedy film that her New York dream is to run into actor Macaulay Culkin – who played the lead role of Kevin McCallister – on the street. She also doesn’t think Home Alone needs a remake.

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Her Mother is A News Anchor

Her mother, Dina Ruiz Eastwood, started as a reporter for KNAZ-TV in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1990 and eventually became a news anchor. In fact, it was where she met the legendary actor-director! She was once assigned to interview Eastwood about his film “Unforgiven” in 1993. Soon after, they attended an event where they ended up sitting together, and the rest was history.

She Appeared In A Reality TV Show

In 2012, Morgan starred in a reality show for the E! network titled Mrs. Eastwood & Company, along with her mother and sister Francesca Eastwood.

Hope we get to see more of Morgan Eastwood in the future!


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