October 22

Holly Dunn’s 1989 Hit “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me”


Are you tired of waiting for your special someone to love you? Then this Holly Dunn-track might be the perfect song for you to listen to. This was the first chart-topping song from the singer and there is a good reason why.

Behind Holly Dunn’s Song

Holly Dunn wrote this 1989 track with her longtime collaborator Chris Waters (her brother) and Tom Shapiro. At first, the country singer pondered upon the idea of writing a romantic song with her brother. But she, later on, realized that it is their work after all and it is part of their artistry and the process of making songs.

 are you ever gonna love me, holly dunn
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In an interview, Holly Dunn tells her experience in writing the song:

“I wrote that song with my brother, Chris Waters, and our favorite co-writer Tom Shapiro, and that was a real easy process for writing. The three of us always had a great time writing together. Chris and I, of course, being siblings we could practically read each other’s minds most of the time, so one of us would start a line and the other one would finish it and vice versa. I remember writing that song was a lot of fun and we had momentum, and it was exciting, and we were really writing for something now.”

Lyrics Breakdown

If you ever want to hold me, then you gotta stop holdin’ out
If you’re gonna love me, love me now

Heartbreaking lines like these can make a song great and relatable. When you tell a story in your song, more people will gravitate towards it because they can relate to what they are hearing. The lines above show a person who is practically begging to be loved now because she will never know what may happen in the future.

Oftentimes, we are in a relationship with people that are unsure of their choices. This ain’t going to work when one is very conscious of their time and they want to spend it wisely. This track reminds the listeners to go for what you want and leave anything you don’t like behind.

Listen to the song here:



are you ever gonna love me, holly dunn

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