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November 5, 2020


November 5, 2020


November 5, 2020

There are just two months until this year will end, yet there’s still a lot of country music left in the tank. We are talking about full-blown studio albums. These aren’t just new country albums that we can’t expect greatness from. These are from some of the biggest names in the industry; Chris Stapleton, Garth Brooks, and Lee Brice to name a few.

Starting Over Again

You probably have heard of one of the most recent Chris Stapleton song “Starting Over Again” on the radio. The lead single of his up and coming album “Starting Over Again” was a song that featured a sound that you probably have not heard of before. If Stapleton’s November album reflects the creativity of his single, surely, fans would appreciate the work that Stapleton has put into the rest of his crafts.


This might be the hardest year to have some fun, but with his newest album, country music legend Garth Brooks is here and is ready to bring “Fun” to everyone.

With just a few days prior to the release of his newest album, Brooks can’t wait to let the world hear one of his latest masterpieces. He has also given us a taste of what his newest craft would be like in his duet with Tricia Yearwood in “Shallow” and oh boy it sounds amazing!

Garth Brooks “Fun” will surely be one of the new country albums we should look out for this year!

Hey World

Well, we could not expect less from Lee Brice’s latest album, “Hey World.” Even without the whole album being released just yet, “One of Them Girls has already been hailed as one of the greatest country songs of this time while charting as the top song.

Other Albums

Aside from the three lead men in country music today, we could also expect awesome new country albums from up and coming country artists this month. These include Koe Wetzel, Sellout, Ward Davis, Black Cats and Crows, Granger Smith, Country Things Vol.2, Josh Abbott Band, The Highway Kind, and Home Free, Warmest Winter.

Listed below are the exact dates of each of this month’s new country albums.

Nov. 6: Home Free, Warmest Winter
Nov. 13: Chris Stapleton, Starting Over
Nov. 13: Josh Abbott Band, The Highway Kind
Nov. 20: Garth Brooks, Fun
Nov. 20: Koe Wetzel, Sellout
Nov. 20: Lee Brice, Hey World
Nov. 20: Ward Davis, Black Cats, and Crows
Nov. 27: Granger Smith, Country Things Vol. 2

Are you ready for some more country music this November? What single are you most excited about?


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