July 31

One Good Deed: Country Music Star Left $1,000 Tip to Waitress Working Double with Daughter

A country music star made the day of one waitress working a double shift down at Greensboro Waffle House in North Carolina. And this is the good deed that we all need to spread during this very uncertain and difficult time. 

The waitress named Shirell “Honey” Lackey was working a double shift that day, serving tables from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. The job is already hard and exhausting on its own, but Lackey also has to care for her daughter, Bella, while she works. But her hard work didn’t go unnoticed by one country music star who happened to order some takeout food at the restaurant. 

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According to Lackey, the country music star whom she wanted to stay anonymous gave her a $1,000 tip after a member of his entourage gave her a $50 tip and pointed her out to the musician right before he ordered his meal. 

And as he claimed his to-go, he even offered some encouraging words and also recognized Lackey as a mother. He told her how he respects a mother who would do anything just to support her child, especially during a time when people don’t even want to work anymore. Lackey said that it felt really good to be recognized but also clarified that she doesn’t do things for that but because Bella is everything to her. 

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And aside from the generous tip, the country music star also gave her two tickets and even sent her some baby clothes and toys for her daughter.

It was definitely a good deed that she will never forget. And hopefully, people would also be inspired by it. 


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