February 22

Reba “Disappointed” Over the Lack of Female Nominees

Host Reba McEntire had said that she is disappointed over the lack of female representation in the Entertainer of the Year category in this year’s ACM Awards.

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via Reba McEntire’s Official Facebook Page

“Disappointed” Just Might Not Cover It

On the 20th of February, she went on CBS This Morning to deliver some of the names of the nominees for this year’s awards show. When they got to the Entertainment of the Year award, McEntire was asked what her opinion was with the lack of female nominees.

“It doesn’t make me very happy, because we’ve got some very talented women who are out there working their butts off so[…] I’m missing my girlfriends in this”

Check out the full interview here!

And on that same night, McEntire appeared as a guest on CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Host Colbert covered the basics of her legacies and accomplishments. They talked about her recent honors at the Kennedy Centers, and how everyone recognizes McEntire by now.

disappointed, Reba, Reba McEntire
via Reba McEntire’s Official Facebook Page

Colbert then hopped on to her hosting the prestigious ACM awards show 15 times. She openly expressed her surprise and disappointment once again that there were no women nominated in the category.

“I was very disappointed about that.”

She said primarily before Colbert started reading off the nominees, including Keith Urban and Chris Stapleton.

 “Shoot, yeah. They’re great, but I wanted to hear some women in there. That would have been really nice.” 

Watch the full interview here!


In full Reba fashion, the full interview was filled with her charm and country southern belle sass. They covered some of her life points, her incoming album, and one time she got booed off stage!

It’s certainly a guarantee that McEntire will have something to say come the awards show. We all just have to tune in. The 54th Academy of Country Music Awards will be broadcasted live from Las Vegas on the 7th of April, Sunday.


Reba McEntire

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