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December 7, 2022


December 7, 2022


December 7, 2022

Released in January 2010, Craig Morgan poured out the emotion and feeling in his single, “This Ain’t Nothin’.”

Kerry Kurt Philipps and Chris DuBois wrote Morgan’s 17th single. The track was on the top 40 on 2010’s US Country Charts and part of Morgan’s fifth studio album, That’s Why.

How The Track Made It To The Record

Craig Morgan revealed that “This Ain’t Nothin'” was only available in the later releases of the record. He said that the original form supposedly contained ten songs that he loved but later realized that he wanted to include “This Ain’t Nothin'” and “Bonfire” while recording them in the studio.

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They were going to release the songs mentioned above in the next album, but they greatly loved the songs’ final results that they pulled back all the records that didn’t sell yet and re-issued them when they swapped out the other two pieces.

The Pain of Losing The Ones You Love

The song would undoubtedly shatter a lot of hearts when listened to.

A reporter came to interview an older man about how it feels to lose a home after a tornado struck their area. The older man told the reporter how losing a home means nothing when you’ve already lost everyone dear to you. 

He lost his dear father when he was eight years old in a mine that caved in, which left a big hole in his life. He also lost his younger brother during a hard time in Vietnam. The hardest part was when he lost his loving wife, to whom he had been married for fifty years, to a battle with an illness.

What he lost cannot be replaced with what money can buy and what time can erase. True enough, nothing can replace the hurt and the void that losing a loved one can cause. “This Ain’t Nothin'” is one of Craig Morgan’s songs that makes you realize how painful it is to lose someone close to you.

Be sure to prepare tissues next to you when you listen to “This Ain’t Nothin'” right here.


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