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Here Are 10 Facts About Craig Morgan That You Should Know

Craig Morgan Greer is one of US country music’s most-known performers. Morgan began his musical career in 2000 with Atlantic Records, releasing his self-titled first album for the company before the closing of its Nashville branch in 2000.

These yielded multiple major songs, including “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” which lasted four weeks at the top of the Billboard country charts while also topping the Billboard Year-End Country chart that year. In mid-2008, Morgan published a greatest hits collection before signing to BNA Records and releasing That’s Why later that year.

Morgan has appeared on the Billboard country charts seventeen times. Aside from “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” six of his tracks have reached the top ten on that chart: such as “Almost Home,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “Little Bit of Life,” “International Harvester,” “Love Remembers,” and “Bonfire.”

Craig Morgan is a talented musician with an intriguing personality. That is why we have compiled a collection of intriguing and little-known Craig Morgan facts for your enjoyment.

1. He is Not Just a Singer, But an Army Too

Morgan served for eleven years and was promoted to staff sergeant. Morgan penned and performed songs for his fellow soldiers while stationed in Korea, and he won multiple military singing and songwriting competitions.

2. He Once Work in The Medical Field

At the age of 18, he became an emergency medical technician. He answers emergency calls in order to offer effective and quick care to the seriously ill and injured, as well as transport the patient to a medical institution.

3. He Work Many Jobs to Make Ends Meet

When he returned to Tennessee following his military duty, he worked as a construction worker, a security guard, and a Walmart employee to support his family. He’d eventually get a position in Nashville singing demos for other composers and publishing agencies, which essentially opened the route for his success.

4. He is Worth Millions of $$$$

According to reports, the American country music musician Craig Morgan has a net worth of $4 million. And some of it is due to his musical accomplishment.

5. He is a Son of a Professional Country Bassist

Craig Morgan was born in Kingston Springs, Tennessee, and is a son of a professional country bassist, that’s why he grew up mostly surrounded by music and began singing as a child. Which later on, he utilized as a country music artist. 

6. He debuted as a Demo Singer for Other Songwriters

Craig Morgan first appeared in the music scene as a demo singer for other songwriters. In 2000, his demos were released on his self-titled first album. The album had three singles, one of which being ‘Something to Write Home About.’ Norro Wilson and Buddy Cannon produced the record. The Nashville branch of Atlantic Records closed the same year. He then quit Atlantic Records after a while.

7. His “That’s What I Love About Sunday” is the No. 1 Of All

“That’s What I Love About Sunday” is his highest-charting single, the sole number one of his career, the first for the Broken Bow label, and the Billboard Year-End country music hit of 2005. Making it Craig Morgan’s greatest hit ever.

8. He is a Real Life SuperHero

Morgan rescued two small children from a burning house in a fire incident in Dickson, Tennessee, last February 2011. Other than that, he was also able to assist in putting out the fire. This just shows what a good-hearted person he truly is. 

9. He Has an Honorary Title

Morgan was inducted as an honorary member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity’s Delta Theta chapter last 2011.

10. He Received Multiple Awards During His Career

He received the USO Merit Award in 2006 for his unwavering support of US servicemen and their families. Broadcast Music Incorporated’s Song of the Year was also awarded to Craig. He was also admitted into the Grand Ole Opry, which is one of country music’s top distinctions.

Craig Morgan is unquestionably one of the greatest country artists of all time. When we’re having a bad day, listening to his music helps to lift our spirits. We hope you gained new information about the lesser-known Craig Morgan facts we presented. It’s now up to you to spread the word about them.


Craig Morgan

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