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December 10, 2022


December 10, 2022


December 10, 2022

The legendary country music performer and US Army veteran Craig Morgan has written several songs that have touched many listeners. And just like most of us, he also struggled in life once and worked a variety of jobs to make ends meet. All of his hard work paid off since he has now appeared on the Billboard country charts seventeen times. All due to his long lists of hit songs like “Almost Home” and “That’s What I Love About Sunday.”

So far, Craig Morgan has an undeniably good music career. Due to this, we have decided to compile a list of some of Craig Morgan songs for you guys to browse through. And if you’ve never heard of them, you might be curious to find out more.

1. That’s What I Love About Sunday

In 2000, this song was the first independently released single to top the country music charts. Since the Kendalls spent four weeks at the top with “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away” in 1977, “That’s What I Love About Sunday” is the first independently released record to spend a second week at number one.

2. Bonfire

The song has an upbeat beat and is accompanied by an electric guitar. Its narrator recalls a midsummer gathering that revolves around a bonfire. Mixed reactions were given to the song. Engine 145’s Andrew Lacy gave the song a negative review. In an effort to recreate the excitement and flavor of Morgan’s 2005 single “Redneck Yacht Club,” he defined it as an annual summer ritual of artists and labels fighting to see who can produce the most successful anthem.

3. Almost Home

The song is a ballad that is mostly supported by fiddle and acoustic guitar. On a chilly winter day, the singer happened to run upon an elderly homeless guy resting behind a garbage can. The homeless guy’s statement that he is “nearly home” is, in the words of the song’s author Kerry Kurt Phillips, purposefully vague; it might imply that the man has reached home in a dream or that he is about to pass away and enter Heaven.

4. Redneck Yacht Club

The song debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, just ahead of Keith Urban’s “Better Life.” It is one of Craig Morgan’s greatest hits. “Redneck Yacht Club” was certified GOLD by the RIAA for physical sales of 500,000 and GOLD for digital downloads.

5. Little Bit of Life

The song was written by Danny Wells and Tony Mullins. It served as the album’s lead-off single and title tune when it was released in August 2006. In late 2006 and early 2007, the song peaked at number seven on the Billboard country charts, making it into the Top Ten for him.

6. International Harvester

Because of the fairly lively violin and banjo accompaniment, the song has a special quality that made it different from others. The “International Harvester” music video was filmed in Wichita, Kansas, during the Wichita River Festival. Director Dallas Henry oversaw the project. After doing an extensive study, they settled on Wichita, concentrating on the Orpheum Theatre at the crucial intersection of Broadway and 1st Street. 

7. How You Make a Man

The song was dubbed as a hymn to the challenging life lessons that help mold us as a person. The music video, which was co-directed by Nate Griffin and the actress Angie Harmon, has Morgan driving around in a vehicle as if he’s taking a trip down memory lane and reflecting on his experiences. In the song, Morgan describes how setbacks in life can make you stronger, particularly when a proposal is turned down.

8. This Ain’t Nothin’

“This Ain’t Nothin'” was composed by Chris DuBois and Kerry Kurt Phillips. It was made available as the fourth single from his album That’s Why in January 2010. Only subsequent pressings of the album have it. The song also debuted in the top 40 on the US country charts in 2010. The song is his sixteenth single that has just been released.

9. Corn Star

Craig Morgan’s song Corn Star, which debuted in the Billboard Top Country Songs, comes from the album This Ole Boy. In 2012, Corn Star’s official music video made its debut on YouTube. Shane Minor and Jeffrey Steele were the ones credited for writing the song.

10. Tough

The song tells the story of a dedicated woman and mother who beats breast cancer and inspires her husband, who sings. In 2007, “Tough’s” music video made its debut. The song is sung by Morgan in a dimly lit room beside a window in the Peter Zavadil-directed video, which also includes movie snippets of a lady acting out the song’s plot.

11. Wake Up Lovin’ You

In a mid-tempo ballad, a man who has been separated from his sweetheart but yet can’t forget her is the subject of the song. According to Morgan, which he shared with The Boot, he honestly feels this will be the song of his career since it’s a turning moment.

12. This Ole Boy

The song was written by The Peach Pickers, which consists of Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Hayslip. Hayslip claimed that Davidson “got the rhythm going” and that all three relied on personal experiences.

13. I Got You

Craig claims he composed “I Got You” while on tour with Keith Urban with the intention of getting Urban to sing it. However, after recording the song’s demo, Morgan felt that the song was a great fit for his own style and that he should record it instead of Urban.

14.  The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost

Morgan has a very close connection to this song since it is about his own grief. In the song he wrote, produced, and self-released, the artist laments how it was tough for him to adjust to life after hearing the tragic news of his son dying in a tragic accident. The idea that Morgan poured into the song is that he will one day meet Jerry, his son, again in Heaven is what keeps Morgan going.

15. God Must Really Love Me

“God Must Really Love Me” was made available in January 2009 as That’s Why album’s second single. On Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list, the song peaked at no. 26. Jim Collins and Troy Verges wrote the tune.

Craig Morgan is one of the most known artists in the annals of country music. He has expanded the boundaries of country music throughout his career. 

Here are a few more of his songs you should definitely check out. 

  • Ask Him
  • I Want Us Back
  • Sounds Like Home
  • Love Remembers
  • I May Drink a Little
  • More Trucks Than Cars
  • If Not Me
  • God, Family, and Country
  • When a Man Can’t Get a Woman Off His Mind
  • I’ll Be Home Soon
  • The Ballad of Mr. Jenkins
  • I Got You

If you’re having trouble coming up with what songs to listen to today. You won’t be sorry if you choose any of Craig Morgan songs on the list above.


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