December 7, 2022

Why Craig Morgan’s “God Must Really Love Me” is A Must-Listen Song

The second single from the album That’s Why by legendary country music singer and US army veteran Craig Morgan was titled “God Must Really Love Me,” and it was released in 2009. Jim Collins and Troy Verges are credited with writing the song.

The song is about how life can bring both our best and worst selves to the surface. Nevertheless, in spite of all the issues we face and mistakes we commit. We all continue to recognize our blessings and the fact that God must genuinely care about us no matter what.

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People who wish to be reminded that no matter what difficulties they face, the loneliness they experience, the tears they weep, and the sins they committed; should listen to this song. Since God will be there for them no matter what. 

No one can dispute the fact that Craig Morgan’s songs are among the most genuine and relatable music to listen to out there, despite the claims of some that they lack the same impact as those of other country music performers. 

But it isn’t truly the case. “God Must Really Love Me” distinguished out from the other songs because of Craig Morgan‘s vocals, and the widely comprehensible lyrics made it simple for listeners to understand the message.

This song is a must-listen since everyone seems to be able to relate to the song’s message, which is anchored in reality; moreover, the song’s melody is fairly predictable, allowing the listeners to flow with the music and conceivably appreciate the juncture.

That’s maybe why “God Must Really Love Me” also reached the top of the charts. On Hot Country Songs list from Billboard, the song peaked at no. 26. Considering it somehow had a number of listeners during its release. 

That said if you’re seeking a song to remind you that despite your troubles, there is still one who will never abandon you, and it is none other than God himself. Craig Morgan’s “God Must Really Love Me” is unquestionably the song for you. You may listen to the song right now by clicking here.


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