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Maren Morris and Luke Bryan on Country’s Women and Sexuality


There has been a lot of talk and debate about the placement of women in country music, or how much of an exclusivist the genre is. Luke Bryan and Maren Morris chime in on the conversation with a lot of the country A-listers who have spoken their mind about it. Stars like Reba McEntire, Miranda Lambert, and Stella Parton are among the country trailblazers who have been very outspoken about the issue.

Maren Morris Thinks Country Should Celebrate Sexuality

“As a woman in this industry, I wish that radio would come into this century and honor the the songs that are actually popular.”

Morris’ gripe isn’t without steady ground. Studies have shown time and time again that women are generally disenfranchised when it comes to airplay time. Even the coveted Grammy-winning Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves has not been able to get the airplay that it would have gotten.

Maren, Morris, Luke, Bryan, Luke Bryan, Roadside Bars, billboard, Maren Morris, girl
via Maren Morris Official Twitter Account

Morris has made a bold statement in a recent interview with BBC. The “Girl” singer has claimed that in the Nashville scene, a woman is only allowed two paths: “the stereotype is you’ve either got to be this religious, virginal conservative, or the wronged woman burning the house down.”

However, Morris wanted no part on that narrative and argued that if sexuality and sensuality can be celebrated in other genres such as pop and R&B, then why can’t country music do it as well?

Maren Morris, girl, Maren, Morris, Luke, Bryan, Luke Bryan
via Maren Morris Official Twitter Account

Her answer to that question is as brilliant as ever – an album full of those influences fusing together with Morris’ country roots. With her songs like “RSVP” and “Make Out With Me,” certainly Morris has been shaking things up in a more than conservative genre. And that’s a good thing! Here’s to hoping that her efforts to change up the genre!

Luke Bryan Wants to Expand Women’s Opportunities

“It’s obviously being talked about. I think that’s rule No. 1: Get people talking about it. So with me, it’s something that we’ve talked about, when we go to book Crash My Playas and Farm Tours and stuff.”

Though, he had admitted that he is an ‘offender’ because he had not granted many opportunities for female acts as well. He does pay attention and plans to put some action into it sometime.

Maren Morris, Maren, Morris, Luke, Bryan, acm, luke bryan, nfl, charity
via Luke Bryan’s Official Facebook Page

“It’s definitely a conversation that we do always [have], and even going forward. We’re always making sure that we’re doing our, I guess, due diligence … and not missing out on a talented woman out there, a talented young lady that’s up and coming. Obviously, a lot of people are talking about it, and it’s up for talks. But you gotta make good on all the talk, too.”

In 2019, the conversation surrounding equal opportunities for women on tour has only gotten more prominent. Stars like Carrie Underwood, Morris, Miranda Lambert, and Kelly Clarkson have all recently produced all-female tours. 

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