October 14

Kelsea Ballerini Gets Tipsy with Wine and Awards through Her ‘Hole in the Bottle’ MV

Most of the scenes we see online, if not caught Live, are probably scripted. For the music and video industry, things have been like that for years just to produce what’s deemed as ideal or acceptable. But as always, there will be a risk-taker that will push through the limits of what we see on screen. This someone can do things in a scripted manner but prefers the real deal.

Let’s dig more into Kelsea Ballerini‘s bold moves in putting up her music video for her single ‘Hole in the Bottle.’

The Real Deal

Behind the scenes of her playful, gorgeous, yet tipsy demeanor, lies the fact that during her video shoots, business is no different from reality. Kelsea Ballerini revealed that in the majority of the takes used in the video, she was actually drinking real Cabernet and in her honest opinion, it was taking a toll on her body. Another mystery she unraveled during Vevo’s footnote series is her fancy use of dainty teacups. Apparently, Ballerini wanted to give the video a touch of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ drunken daydream feels that their director, Hannah Lux Davis, chose her for the role.

To be able to work with Davis is actually a long time dream for Ballerini. She sees her as some sort of a Hollywood-glam, and as a dream come true. Davis’ wish of wanting to bring out an early 1990’s feel in the music video is Kelsea Ballerini’s command as she owns the first scenes of their work projecting an oozed and Hollywood vibe through her opening gown.

Of course, working with other people especially the choreography has also given a challenge to Ballerini. She has to keep up with proficient dancers despite her being a full-fledged music artist. In the end, she extends her thanks to her choreographer Hannah together with her dance troupe. They did not only make her project incredible, but they gave her mental support by encouraging her to go all-out on dancing.

Honor and Homage

The subtle implementation of Britney Spears and Shania Twain’s style in ‘Hole in the Bottle’ is also intentional as explained by Ballerini. She said that through her songs and in her little ways, she wanted to pay homage and honor those artists who greatly inspired her and many new era female artists to pursue their dreams in country music.

2020 also became a big year for Kelsea Ballerini despite difficulties due to pandemic. She recently has been nominated for three categories in the latest CMT Music Awards. Both the wine and success may be intoxicating, but Ballerin still does her work splendidly and beautifully.

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Kelsea Ballerini

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