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10 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Elle King

Elle King Facts You May Not know

Elle King is the badass singer-songwriter of country music. She’s one of those musicians who don’t need to be in the limelight as fans and music lovers always know her song. From “Ex’s & Oh’s” to “America’s Sweetheart,” she has proven her value on the country music industry.

Although she only released two studio albums, her songs are unforgettable. She earns new fans even today because of her catchy tunes that go way back in 2015. More and more are getting curious about her, so it’s time to get to know Elle King with ten interesting facts.

1. She’s a Millenial

Elle King, whose real name is Tanner Elle Schneider, is part of the Gen Y or Millennial generation. She was born on July 3, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

2. Elle King is London King and Rob Schneider’s Daughter

London King is the mom of Elle King, a former model, and actor. She’s now working as a childbirth companion and educator. Meanwhile, her father, Rob Schneider, is a popular stand-up comic in Hollywood. When the couple divorced in 1990, King lost touch with her comedian father. It was only after she learned about her half-sisters that she connected again with her father.

3. The country singer came from 4 ancestry

Elle King’s father is of Jewish and Filipino descent. Schneider even uses his mixed background on comedy acts too. Meanwhile, her mom came from an English and Scottish family. Elle is her mom, but she got her talent from her father.

4. “The Donnas” was her pivotal moment to be a singer

Elle’s mom remarried in 2000, and she gained a stepfather who is Justin Tesa. When she was nine, Tesa gifted the young Elle a record of “The Donnas,” an all-girl hard-rock band. In an interview, she revealed that it was the pivotal moment of her dream to be a singer.

At 13 years old, she started playing guitar and make music. She immersed herself in Etta James, Al Green, Otis Redding, Hank Williams, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

5. She used a fake ID before

Stories like using fake IDs aren’t new, but coming from a famous singer is unbelievable. Well, Elle King did it when she was only 16. Back in 2005, King wanted to go around and start her music gig in New York City. Since she’s still a minor, the only way to book gigs on local nightclubs was through a fake ID. It paid off as she honed her skills in the local songwriting scene.

6. King signed with RCA in 2012

Former RCA Chairman Peter Edge signed King into a deal and helped with her debut single “Good To Be A Man.” It was available as a digital download plus 7″ vinyl single back on March 13, 2012.

7. 2016 was her most active year

Elle King released her No. 1 hit single “Ex’s and Oh’s” in 2014 as a lead single for her 2015 album “Love Stuff.” Yet, she was most active in 2016 with award performances and soundtrack collaborations. Ghostbusters got a hold with her single “Good Girls” and included it on their soundtrack. They played it on the movie’s credits.

She duets with country crooner Dierks Bentley for the “Different for Girls” song. The duo performed it on November 2, 2016, at the 50th CMA Awards and won the Year’s Musical Event that night.

8. Her natural hair color is pink

Well, according to her social media accounts. Anyway, we know she’ll rock in any hair color, even neon ones.

9. Elle King got engaged

King and Tooker got engaged in 2020. It’s her third time to have a fiance after Andrew Ferguson and Jim in 2016 and 2019.

10. She’s having a rainbow baby

Following her engagement, Elle recently announced that they would have a rainbow baby. The country singer has suffered from PCOS, a hormonal disorder, for a long time now. It’s a miracle to have a baby in her situation. Her due date and baby’s gender are yet to reveal.

All in all, even if she’s Rob Schneider’s daughter, Elle King has proven she can make it on her own. From her first album, Love Stuff, to her second album, Shake The Spirit, King made it on the top of country music. She has created a name for herself, and we can’t wait to see her next move.