December 27

Kid Rock Fires Back To the Detractors Of His New Single, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live”

Just last month, Kid Rock came out swinging in his riddle-filled-with-swear-words as he teamed up with Canadian rock band Monster Truck, for the song “Don’t Tell Me How to Live.” The track features a captivating rock riff and puts his signature power-packed and punchy vocals on full display.

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But the song’s message is even much more fiery – with lyrics taking down the “cancel culture,” “‘woke’ culture,” “fake news,” “mainstream media,” and all the millennials that get too easily offended with every opinion.

And As Expected, It Didn’t Settle Well With Listeners

Now, Kid Rock has taken to social media to fire back at some of the detractors of his recent song, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live.” He expressed offense by calling them “idiots” and encouraging them to just “toughen up and enjoy life.”

“All you pansy ass woke critics and trolls are exactly what brought me to create ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live,'” the singer wrote. “Thank you for the inspiration! Keep shoveling coal on the fire, you idiots! I fucking love it!”

“Don’t Tell Me How to Live” is Kid Rock’s first new music since 2017. It comes with a music video where the rapper-songwriter can be seen wearing a shirt, saying, “social media sucks.”

This is also the first installment for Kid Rock’s upcoming brand-new project and his first step for his musical return to the ’90s style. The project is slated to be a triple album composed of 50 tracks that will be broken down into ten hip-hop songs, ten rock songs, ten country songs as well as twenty once-unreleased tracks.

In the meantime, you can listen to “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” in the video below.


Kid Rock

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