Elle King's "America's Sweetheart"


Arden Lambert


March 10, 2021


March 10, 2021


March 10, 2021

Fact: Listening to Elle King’s “America’s Sweetheart” is like a hall pass to lose control and get emotionally wild.

The fast music, badass lyrics, and high emotions will leave you breathless. It’s the perfect song for any girl who went through a painful breakup but wants to break free from the toiling emotions.

The country music’s badass woman did it again with a song that deserves to be on a loop. “America’s Sweetheart” is King’s second mainstream single for her 2015 album Love StuffMartin Johnson produced it with the thought of making it big for the Grammy nominee songstress. With an infectious tempo and fiery attitude, it’s no wonder how it penetrated the hot adult contemporary radio through RCA Records in the US.

Music lovers and critics went crazy when this hit song skyrocketed to the top 40 charts. You can’t hear a bad review about it from different people as it will have your head bopping to the music. Cliché at it may be, breakup songs sound so fun when the not-America-sweetheart country singer lit them with her unmatched vocals.

Decoding the lyrics, you’ll hear lyrics like “black and blue” that can be associated with what a skin bruise looks like. We can interpret it with King saying no matter what is said about her, and no one can hurt her. The first verse talks about how she’ll never change for anyone because she doesn’t want to be anybody else. Nevertheless, she knows that she has her own faults, such as drinking too much, no fashion sense, and having bad tattoos.

Elle King‘s lyrics are relatable in a way you can’t help but agree with all the things she says. She further sealed how she’s not an American Sweetheart with a fun chorus. Not being perfect and never aiming to resonate with most girls in America and the other parts of the globe. This is also why “America’s Sweetheart” is always on the charts when it came out. And that’s what makes this song part of our country favorites.

If you haven’t heard it, we got you!

Click on the video below and let “America’s Sweetheart” take you on a badass emotional ride.


Elle King



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