May 25

Praise the Almighty with Josh Turner’s “I Serve a Savior”

Josh Turner’s “I Serve a Savior” was the title track of his seventh studio album of the same name and his first-ever gospel album released last 2018. This was also one of the two original tracks in the 12-track album, with the other one being “The River (of Happiness),” which he co-wrote with his wife and son.

Josh Turner penned the song back in 2016 with Mark Narmore, who was also known for his Christian background. The two previously collaborated with other spiritually inclined songs like “The Answer” and “Let’s Find a Church.” This song was set out as a modern-day hymn which Turner recounted to Billboard as something that really defined servitude.

In the chorus of the song, he sang, “I serve a Savior/ It’s what I was made for/ His grace and love I don’t deserve/ I will be faithful.” Then he continued, “Humble and grateful/ My life is greater ’cause I serve a Savior.”

The song’s message of choosing to follow Jesus rather than chasing the elusive things of this world blended with his distinctive baritone voice gave the song a heavenly sound that touches the heart. It was also a reflection of his own deep and unwavering relationship with the Lord, which was something very personal to him.

According to Turner, recording a gospel project was something he had been wanting to do. A year after the success of “Deep South,” which earned him his third Billboard Country number one, he went on to release this album. He also noted that it just felt like it was God’s timing, and he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“I Serve a Savior” by Josh Turner was produced by Kenny Greenberg through MCA Nashville. And if you find yourself feeling lost and hopeless, turn this song on. This was one of the many Josh Turner songs that lend warmth and comfort to everyone who listened to it.

You can listen to Josh Turner’s “I Serve a Savior” in the video below. 


Josh Turner

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