October 3

The New Christian Gospel Song of Josh Turner “I Serve a Savior”

“I Serve a Savior” will be out on October 26, 2018. However, there is already an available studio version and live version of the song. It is one of the most awaited new Christian Gospel songs of Josh Turner. For now, listen to the hymn as it depicts a story of serving a savior. Apart from that, the words and lyrics describe someone who is humble, faithful, and thankful. Also, the harmony would genuinely be appealing to the ears as it gives the traditional country sounds.

The song is genuinely well-crafted. Some parts of the song represent the gratefulness of Josh Turner’s in life. In fact, some remainder of the chorus talks about his life benefitted as a result of serving his savior.

I Serve a Savior…

The song will inspire everyone. It will pierce the hearts and souls of anyone who would be struck by the message of the song. Moreover, “I Serve a Savior” will remind us that we should be thankful for what God is giving us. He provides us with everything we need in life, material things, even the emotional and psychological needs. With this, we must serve him in return. We should abide by his rules, communicate with him, and praise him.

Josh Turner stays true to his roots. He sings inspirational Christian songs accompanied by real country sounds and the traditional country. As a matter of fact, Josh Turner has already recorded and released some Christian Gospel songs such as “Long Black Train” and “Me and God.”

Above all, Josh Turner is God fearing. He inspires us through his great music. Also, he is but a simple instrument of God to spread the goodness of the highest almighty.

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I Serve a Savior, Josh Turner, long black train, Me and God

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