May 28

Josh Turner’s Children Perform one of His Gospel Songs “The River”

In 2018, Josh Turner’s children stepped onto the limelight, taking their spot on stage with a Gospel performance live at the Gaither Studio. With Josh Turner’s wife Jennifer on the piano, their four sons – Hampton (then age 12), Colby (then age nine), Marion (then age seven), and Hawke (then age four) – performed “The River (Of Happiness)” which was one of the two original tracks in Turner’s album “I Serve a Savior.” The song was co-penned by Jennifer and their eldest Hampton, who also played the mandolin, making it one of the most special Josh Turner songs

It was not surprising that Josh Turner’s kids were blessed with musical talent as it undeniably runs through their blood with a country music artist father and a talented keyboardist mother. The kids looked shy but still comfortable on stage singing the song, and they definitely owned the whole minute and 36 seconds of their performance. 

In an Instagram post, Turner shared that they wanted their boys to sing on record and “The River” felt like the perfect fit. And it was fun for them to get together and sing, play, and perform. He also added that it was not something that he had set out to accomplish; rather, it was something that just kind of happened. 

Turner also expressed how he was incredibly proud of all of his sons and how he sees a lot of him in Hampton who was always playing some kind of instrument at home. 

In an interview about his song “I’ll Be There,” which was about a father’s devotion to his children, Turner said that it really made him think about himself as a daddy. When he was on stage, he was a singer and an artist but at home, he was a dad. Those were two things he never really put together. 

Watch the precious and heartwarming performance of Josh Turner’s children of “The River (Of Happiness)” in the video below. 


Josh Turner

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