July 10

Josh Turner’s Children Perform one of His Gospel Songs “The River”

Music and talent seem to flow on Josh Turner’s family. In this adorable performance that I have stumbled upon on YouTube, Josh Turner’s children, Hampton Otis, Colby Lynch, Marion Crawford, and Samuel Hawke may soon follow the singer’s path to country stardom.

Josh Turner recently released his gospel album I Serve a Savior and it contained a lot of great gospel songs. “The River” was one of the many gospel songs that he wrote and it was performed by his own children.

josh turner, children
via Screengrab from YouTube

Josh Turner’s Family

The Christian community is gushing over the Turner Family right after Josh’s children performed his song. All of his boys are seen on the stage singing the song while his eldest led the vocals and played the guitar. They all look like carbon copies of their father and they all have his charm as well.

According to Josh Turner, his wife and children wrote the song, so it is only right that they should perform it. Although their youngest boy is still quite shy during the performance, you can still see that they were singing the song with the intent to praise the Lord. At the end of their performance, they were given a standing ovation by the audience. There is nothing more innocent and pure than seeing children sing praises for the Lord.

josh turner, children
Taken from Josh Turner’s official Facebook page

Josh Turner on Fatherhood

Being a father takes so much time. You have to be the one to take the responsibility of protecting your family and providing for them. Josh Turner and wife, Jennifer Ford, shares the same struggle by taking care of their four young boys. The singer opened up about their struggles and what they have learned from it.

He shared that it was almost like a foggy memory but everything was a learning experience. They have learned so much from raising their kids. They would also want to raise them as a God-fearing citizen. Therefore, you can see Josh Turner’s kids here singing and praising the Lord.


Josh Turner, josh turner family, The River

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