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Life’s “Getting Good” Because of Trisha Yearwood and Lauren Alaina’s Iconic Duet


Five days ago, Lauren Alaina first teased her fans with a sneak peek of her newly released version of her single, “Getting Good” with one of her most favorite artists of all time, Trisha Yearwood.

The full version was released the next day and received lots of love from both Yearwood and Alaina’s fans.

The collaboration started when Lauren Alaina visited Trisha Yearwood’s long-running series on the food network, “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.” The two talented singers were thrilled at the thought of singing together sometime. This resulted in the newly released version of “Getting Good” produced by David Garcia.

Back on June 23, Tuesday, Alaina expressed on twitter her gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to record a song with Trisha Yearwood. For Alaina, life has become brighter now that she had the opportunity to sing with one of the most impactful voices that she looked up to. Alaina added that she admired Trisha Yearwood for being inside-out beautiful.

Aside from the chance of doing a record with Yearwood, Alaina also reflected that she is currently learning to grow where she is planted and that her life is beautiful just the way it is.


Chart Performance

Prior to the release of her duet with Yearwood, Alaina’s single was a vocal standout for fans. The song’s chorus reflected how she recognized that her life’s already good and it’s just a matter of perspective.

Lauren Alaina’s solo version of “Getting Good” did pretty well on the charts. The single peaked at the 33rd spot of the Billboard Hot Country charts and was placed the 40th on the Country Airplay Chart. Aside from her single, Alaina has enjoyed success through tv guesting along with Devin Dawson on Hardy’s “One Beer” song.

Here’s the original version.

Since the song’s release, the duo has been busy appearing on several live pages including Lauren Alaina’s Instagram and Facebook account. Fans expressed their support by vocalizing their hopes for country music radios to give it more airplay.

Trisha Yearwood said that she loves the sentiment in “Getting Good” about how life starts to get good when you learn to just grow where you’re at. We may all have dreams to pursue, but that should not limit us from learning and enjoying the journey.

And here’s the lyric video featuring Trisha Yearwood