July 11

Let’s Shout Out Our Ex with Mickey Guyton’s Heartbreak Song

There’s nothing nicer than getting even with your past and showing him how stronger you’ve become. Mickey Guyton’s Heartbreak Song is not your usual dreary, tragic end-of-the-love song. Guyton jokes around it with a fun, absurd retort to a break-up, breaking the normal heartbreak story composition. 

Mickey Guyton co-compose the single with April Geesbreght and Mark Trussell concerning her former boyfriend boasting about the huge hit, Better Than You Left Me

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The song concept was born while she was touring with Brad Paisley last 2015. This cheery song finds Guyton speaking to her former boyfriend, making him aware that she’s perfectly well following their split, and if this he’s gossiping and boasting about it, then he’s only granting her that bonus features to portray and composed on. And then they drafted this song in perhaps two hours, and it became one of Guyton’s favorite songs of all time. 

For the music video, Guyton states her mere goal was to attain an image that loaded as many blows as the song itself, with a bit of boldness and finesse. Since it is such a compelling single, she wanted to convey the perfect emotion in the video – a feeling of being empowered and unaffected by a messy relationship. And proving that women are valuable. 

Heartbreak Song by Mickey Guyton peaked at #45 on the US Country Airplay chart. Considering it’s not that much of a hit than any of Mickey Guyton’s songs, some critics wrote that the track lacks a “vocal power” compared to her first single, though she still “continues to show her worth as an exceptional narrator” on the song. 

Watch the video of Mickey Guyton’s Heartbreak Song and dance around the room.


Mickey Guyton

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