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God’s Love is the “Remedy” by the Zac Brown Band

Remedy” is a song written by Zac Brown himself.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Zac Brown Band, they are the Best New Artist at the 2010 Grammy Awards and the third country act to win the award.

This time, they show their Christian side with the song “Remedy” and the significance of it in their life.

remedy zac brown band
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“Remedy” is a Reminder that God is Love

“Remedy” is under Zac Brown Band‘s album Jekyll + Hyde. Zac Brown penned this himself with the help of Niko Moon, Wyatt Durrette, and blues singer, Keb’ Mo’.

Zac Brown said this about the song:

“‘Remedy’ is stating my spirituality and the way that I look at things. Through every journey that I’ve been through, through church, through my personal experiences, through what I’ve seen of the world, ‘Remedy’ is a reminder to me that God is love and when you get too far away from the love that God’s not there as much, and that song means a lot to me personally.”

He further explained that the song is a reminder that showing kindness to each other is a must in this world. The band wanted to emphasize that God is the center of love and that we should always follow His path.

The Music Video

The music video for the song was directed by Diego Pernia. The story was very captivating as it features a young woman running away from an alcoholic mother.

Zac Brown Band Remedy
Via Zac Brown Band’s Official Facebook Page

The video starts with a big fight between the mother and the daughter. The fight is getting serious until the alcoholic mother said,

“I don’t need you. That is what I don’t need right now. Just go away.”

And that was the breaking point for the daughter. The goal of the music video is for the girl to find love and knowledge in a world where she struggles to survive emotionally.

The video is actually a part of a trilogy but the impact is already there. It focuses on the story about God’s love being the remedy to problems in life.

Watch the first part of the trilogy here:


zac brown band

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