August 9

Aaron Watson’s Nostalgic “Country Radio” at the Grand Ole Pry

Aaron Watson has been in the industry for 20 years. It was June of this year when he released his own album entitled “Red Bandana.” His album has 20 songs equivalent to the 20 years of Watson in the industry. The eighth on the album is the song “Country Radio.”

The Story Told By “Country Radio”

His performance of the song at the Grand Ole Opry gave nostalgia to traditional country music lovers. Perhaps because of its delineation from the rock sounding country songs released by other country music artists. The melody gave a smooth feeling of a ballad while telling the story of authentic country music.

The song starts with the evening routine of a child tucked in bed by parents. They say their prayers and kiss them goodnight. What the parents didn’t know is that when they start to play songs from the Opry, the child takes a peek and see them dance all night.

aaron watson
Photo Credit: Aaron Watson’s Official Facebook Page

His parents were having a good time dancing all night, he saw the love and laughter when his dad swept his mom off of her feet. A few years after, he had a family of his own. Reminiscing his parents love song that became the soundtrack of his life.

While history repeats itself, he made it all better when he lets his three children join the dance at night. He hopes his children will remember the dancing silhouette across the wall. Their little house became a home, full of love and soul.

Aaron Watson, The Independent Artist

Aaron Watson has been in the industry since 1999. This year marks the 20th anniversary when he released “Red Bandana” that contains 20 tracks. His upcoming tour dates for the album were released on August 6. He will be starting off on September 28 in Austin, Texas and across other cities.

aaron watson
Photo Credit: Aaron Watson’s Official Facebook Page

Watson is known for being independent. He had his songs released without regard for what other people think about what he should do. He had his name tied with quality country music that focuses on love, family, and God. He strongly disintegrates himself to rock style of country songs released nowadays.

Watch his performance of “Country Radio” at the Grand Ole Opry:

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aaron watson

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