September 21

Country Music On Tiktok? These Artists are Innovating!

TikTok has been a current trend globally. With popular dances and challenges becoming a thing, almost every young person has the app handy on their phones. Now, country music artists have jumped into the trend of TikTok to find creative ways to help make their music reach to their fans.

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With live shows placed on hold, this has left artists to find creative ways to get their songs reach a broader range of fans. Just recently, two singers, Ruediger and Cooke who are long time friends and each of them having a solid fan base on TikTok, had the idea to take the famed Hype House on TikTok and add a country twist in it.

Hype House

Hype House started all the way back in 2014 when several young influencers decided to live together in one place, allowing a great bond of teamwork to flow among themselves and at the same time, support and grow with each other as they pursue a gruelling career.

Tiktok to the 615 House!

With the influence of the Hype House via the TikTok community, Ruediger and Cooke saw something that they wanted to do as well. “People really loved to see country stars collaborating and do TikToks, “Cooke said.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a one-stop-shop for fans to stop by. From this epiphany came out “The 615 House.” Since its official launch on August 17, it has reached 217,000 followers and has grown continually. This has consisted of country singers Copper Alan, Pricilla Black, Bonner Black, Thomas Mac, Sammy Arriaga, Tony Evans Jr., and the sister duo, Tigerlily.

The early success of the 615 house can also be accounted for from the steady fan base that each singer has in their own Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Ruediger said that for now, the 615 House is looking to keep the group small. For them, the smaller the group, the easier the handling will be and the less chaos it would entail. However, they don’t want their fans to get them wrong. They are open for collaborations in the near future and will be looking to add a new member or two to the group.

Unlike their counterparts, 615 House members don’t live in the same roof just yet. But who knows what time could bring Ruediger on being excited about what could happen in the future. For the members of the 615 House, the challenge for them now is to create fun contents and support one another to build a steady fan base that would eventually launch their careers into the next level.


Bonner Black, Copper Alan, Pricilla Black, Thomas Mac

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