August 6

Why People Can’t Stop Listening to Priscilla Block

If you have been on TikTok lately, you probably have gone cross Priscilla Block‘s “Thick Thighs” single. As her song increases in popularity, so did her fanbase, making her one of the most awaited up and coming country artists today. Here are some reasons why you should be tuning in to Priscilla Block’s upcoming singles.

1. The Next Miranda Lambert?

Even though being considered as one of the rising stars of country music, Priscilla Block has drawn a great comparison with country music legend, Miranda Lambert.  Love her or hate her, and like it or not, Miranda Lambert has become one of country music’s legendary female artists with top-charting songs and a legacy that left an impact on the next generations of female country artists.

And Block? She possesses exactly everything you love about country music; honesty, storytelling, and emotion all in one pack.

2. She Ain’t Shy of Anything

Priscilla Block’s “Thick Thigh” is a straightforward song that does not care about what you think. “Thick Thigh” embraces the reality of the different figure every woman possess and encourages every female out there to embrace it.

For Priscilla, this was her response to the times that she has been told to change her figure and appearance just to fit into country music. For the upcoming country star, she wants you to know that you don’t have to conform to society’s mold in order to be successful. Just be your authentic self.

3. She’s One of the New Breed

Despite comparisons with Miranda Lambert, Priscilla Block has carried out her own style and tune into the country music scene. The Nashville based singer is inclined to the country-pop and southern style of music. But more than finding her own groove, Priscilla has captivated her audiences with relatable messages, fancy stories, and catchy melodies.

“Just About Over You”

After showing her fans her straightforward side, Priscilla is now eager to show another side of herself. “Just About Over You” is her latest single that took on the emotional side of Priscilla.

This week, the emotional song that described the aftermath of a break up went on to top the all-genre iTunes chart. The Priscilla Block single surpassed superstars Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and Ban + Shay to top the chart.

For Priscilla, it’s more of a personal accomplishment as she has, for a long time, had wanted to release a song that everyone could relate to.


Priscilla Block

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