December 7

Top 10 Viral Country Songs from TikTok You Should Listen To

Before the year ends, we break down the top 10 viral country songs from TikTok that you should definitely not miss out on. And contrary to popular opinion, these are not just your typical viral songs with upbeat, catchy tunes, but they also offer the country experience of heartbreaks that will undoubtedly make you drink a glass of beer. 

1. Fancy Like by Walker Hayes

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Walker Hayes “Fancy Like” undeniably got all the right ingredients for viral TikTok country songs – it’s fun, catchy, and relatable. And in no time, the song partnered with an even more fun dance challenge spread across TikTok, then broke through streaming platforms like Spotify, and finally landed on country radio. And with a 20-week reign on the Top Country Songs, “Fancy Like” also tuned its way to Applebee’s commercials. 

2. Beer Beer Truck Truck by George Birge

“Beer Beer Truck Truck” unlike other country songs that went viral on TikTok actually started as a stitch to another video made by TikToker Erynn Chambers. In the video, Chambers satirized country music, saying that lyrics were nothing but “beer, beer, truck, truck, girls and tight jeans.” Birge agreed that Chambers made a good point, but at the same time, he wanted to show that a real country songwriter like him can make cool music even with the most ridiculous lyrics. And he did, and it was a hit. 

3. Wet Dream by Austin Burke

The witty, double entendre song “Wet Dream” was Burke’s answer to the rough year brought about by the pandemic. He wanted people to enjoy and have some fun while they listen to his song, and he definitely achieved that. After revealing a snippet of his song on TikTok, he received a lot of praises from fans that he finally decided to drop a full version for fans to vibe with and enjoy.

4. Somebody Does by Tigirlily

Fans first got a glimpse of Tigirlily’s “Somebody Does” on TikTok and the duo’s other social media accounts. The empowering and inspiring snippet already resonated with a lot of listeners, and so they went to finish the song in hopes of making a difference. Now, they really are one. 

5. Jealous of the Sky by Ashley Cooke

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Sometimes, the best way to express all of our feelings for someone is through a song, and that was what Ashley Cooke did. After she lost her best friend Adam from cancer, she turned to music to help her grieve, and from that, the poignant track “Jealous of the Sky” was born. It touched people far and wide and became one of the most popular TikTok country songs that soon opened up many doors of opportunity for her. 

6. F-150 by Robyn Ottolini

At the time that the Canadian country singer wrote “F-150”, she wasn’t quite yet ‘movin’ on and gettin’ strong,’ but in time, she eventually did. The song, which soon became known as heartbreak healer on TikTok, shot Ottolini to the charts and led to more opportunities and successes.

7. Better Than You’re Used To by Tyler Rich

A message of love and encouragement, Tyler Rich wrote the song “Better Than You’re Used To” for everyone who is looking for someone to treat them better and for everyone who already found it. Before he released the song, he playfully teased the demo on TikTok. And sure enough, the song received an overwhelming response. After all, we always love a good country love song. 

8. Villain by Lily Rose

With its soulful tune and authentic storytelling, “Villain” proved to be the perfect introduction to Lily Rose as a musician and won her a community of loyal fans. Soon enough, her fame on TikTok turned into a record of a lifetime. Now, she is dubbed as one of the most promising country music artists, and we have yet to see and hear more of her. 

9. She Broke My Heart by Noah Shnacky

If “F-150” is the heartbreak healer, “She Broke My Heart” is the country breakup jam. But instead of diving into bitter feelings and mourning over it, Noah Shnacky relishes the silver lining, which for him is a brand new romance. The song which TikTok first heard has since become viral on the platform. 

10. Just About Over You by Priscilla Block

You know a song is good when fans go above and beyond to help fund the recording just for it to be released. And that’s exactly what happened to “Just About Over You.” The heartbreaking song quickly attracted attention and became one of the most viral country songs from TikTok and even got Block a record deal. 


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